2019 NFNL Best and Fairest Awards

Published on Saturday, September 21, 2019

All the results from the 2019 Rosbrook Medal Night.

Greensborough midfielder Tom Bell claimed the Frank Rosbrook Medal as the best and fairest player in Meadows Greyhounds Division 1.

Bell joined the Boro this season after playing 72 AFL games across seven seasons with Carlton and the Brisbane Lions.

He became the first Greensborough player to win a senior football best and fairest award since teammates Neil Brindley and Peter Mastin shared the 1991 award with Montmorency’s Peter Woodward.

Bell’s efforts throughout the course of the season helped guide Greensborough to a first-place finish on the ladder, before securing a place in the Meadows Greyhounds Division 1 Grand Final for the first time since 2015.

History was made in A Plus Labour Solutions Division 2, with a three-way tie recorded for the first time since the competition’s introduction in 1981.

Whittlesea premiership hero Xavier Dimasi, Banyule young gun Riley Loton and Eltham midfielder Brent Macaffer shared the award on 14 votes – with just two votes separating the top-five vote winners.

The award capped a huge week for Dimasi, who was also best afield in Whittlesea’s grand final win over Banyule on Saturday. Loton became the first Banyule player to win a senior best and fairest in the NFNL, while Macaffer improved on last year’s third-place finish.

Heidelberg West ruckman Jarryd Coulson became just the third player in league history behind John Elliot and Matty Dennis to win three senior best and fairest awards – taking out the Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3 best and fairest for the third year in a row.

In doing so, the Hawks skipper joined Elliot as the only players to have won three-successive senior best and fairest awards.

Montmorency’s Nicole Blythe won the ANZ Division 1 Women’s best and fairest. It was her second competition best and fairest after taking out the Division 2 award in 2017.

South Morang midfielder Demi Hallett took out the MC Security Division 2 Women’s best and fairest, while Belinda Harris won the Mirvac Division 3 best and fairest after starring in Hurstbridge’s inaugural campaign in the competition.

Diamond Creek legend Stacey Gannon created even more history by winning her fourth Section 1 netball best and fairest just weeks after helping the Creekers to their tenth-successive premiership win. Gannon shared this year’s award with Fitzroy Stars defender Jessica Bamblett.

Other netball best and fairest award winners were Shannon Tresider (Section 2); Keelin Galvin (Section 3); Kylie Yelland (Section 4), Daina Peet (Section 5), Kristy Nunn (Section 6), Tayla Hardiman (Section 7), Olivia Betts (Section 8), Bianca Clamp (Section 9), Michelle Soon (Section 10), Alana Nackovski (Section 11) and Rebecca Dighton (Section 12).

Sam Gilmore became the first Heidelberg player to win the Division 1 Coaches MVP. Meanwhile Brent Macaffer (Division 2) and Mitchell Thompson (Division 3) each won their respective competition’s Coaches MVP for the second-consecutive year.

Darebin’s Tamara Olcorn took out the Division 1 Women’s Coaches MVP. Demi Hallett doubled up to take out both the Division 2 women’s best and fairest and Coaches MVP, while Greensborough premiership player Lauren Collis won the Division 3 award.

Kilmore was named the 2019 Senior Club of the Year, Phillip Pettinella was awarded Senior Umpire of the Year, Renee Shannon the Netball Umpire of the Year, while Whittlesea stalwart Rod Luscombe was named the Volunteer of the Year award.

The AFL Victoria Northern Region Senior Coach of the Year Awards were presented to Greensborough coach Mick Harford and VU Western Spurs Division 1 premiership coach Christina Polatajko.

Below is the full list of award winners from the 2019 Northern Football Netball League best and fairest awards.

For the full football and netball best and fairest vote listings, as well as the Coaches MVP votes listings, please click on the links below.

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DOWNLOAD: 2019 NFNL Coaches MVP Vote Listings

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Meadows Greyhounds Division 1 – Frank Rosbrook Medal
1st – Tom Bell (Greensborough) – 23 votes
2nd – Sam Gilmore (Heidelberg) and Justin White (Macleod) – 20 votes
3rd – Jesse Donaldson (Montmorency) – 19 votes

A Plus Labour Solutions Division 2
1st – Xavier Dimasi (Whittlesea), Riley Loton (Banyule) and Brent Macaffer (Eltham) – 14 votes
2nd – Kain Proctor (Fitzroy Stars) and Anton Woods (Eltham) – 13 votes
3rd – Paul Higgins (Whittlesea) – 12 votes

Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3
1st – Jarryd Coulson (Heidelberg West) – 18 votes
2nd – Scott Conte (Panton Hill) – 14 votes
3rd – Michael Brennan (Laurimar) – 13 votes

Division 1 Reserves
1st – Michael Finn (Heidelberg) – 26 votes
2nd – Brad Sanderson (West Preston-Lakeside) – 22 votes
3rd – Josh Saw (Hurstbridge) – 20 votes

Division 2 Reserves
1st – James Allery (Banyule) and Connor Gedge (St Mary’s) – 15 votes
2nd – Jacob Osei-Duro (Thomastown) – 11 votes
3rd – Ryan Eley (Watsonia), Tom Evans (Eltham) and Alex Williamson (Fitzroy Stars) – 9 votes

Division 3 Reserves
1st – Ryan Gall (Heidelberg West) and Aidan Rowe (Panton Hill) – 14 votes
2nd – Anthony Barbic (Kilmore), Jonathan McCartney (Lalor) and Dean Papadopoulos (Kilmore) – 13 votes
3rd – Dylan Rowe (Panton Hill) – 12 votes

Division 1 Under-19
1st – Rayden Garrard (Greensborough) – 20 votes
2nd – Taidhg Bland (Whittlesea) – 19 votes
3rd – Riley Byrne (Eltham) – 15 votes

Division 2 Under-19
1st – Nicolas Aleksovski (Mernda) – 15 votes
2nd – Tanar Peirce (Mernda) – 14 votes
3rd – Tochukwu chi Oparaocha (Mill Park), Juy Smith (Lower Plenty) and Jack Snow (West Preston-Lakeside) – 13 votes


ANZ Division 1 Women’s
1st – Nicole Blythe (Montmorency) – 15 votes
2nd – Jessica Francke (VU Western Spurs) – 13 votes
3rd – Stacey Cross (Diamond Creek Women’s) – 12 votes

MC Security Division 2 Women’s
1st – Demi Hallett (South Morang) – 24 votes
2nd – Claudia Williver (Eltham) – 16 votes
3rd – Emma Rowe (Heidelberg) – 15 votes

Mirvac Division 3 Women’s
1st – Belinda Harris (Hurstbridge) – 18 votes
2nd – Ashleigh Ashman (VU Western Spurs) – 15 votes
3rd – Kyla Parry (Greensborough) – 13 votes


Netball Section 1
1st – Jessica Bamblett (Fitzroy Stars) and Stacey Gannon (Diamond Creek) – 17 votes
2nd – Natasha Atkinson Brown (Fitzroy Stars) – 16 votes
3rd – Akanisi Seeto (Heidelberg) – 15 votes

Netball Section 2
1st – Shannon Tresider (Craigieburn) – 24 votes
2nd – Paris Bosschieter (Ivanhoe), Belinda Coward (Northcote Park) and Amanda Spillare (Craigieburn) – 14 votes
3rd – Cassie Wilcox (Heat) – 13 votes

Netball Section 3
1st – Keelin Galvin (Thomastown) – 26 votes
2nd – Amelia Lai (Watsonia) – 17 votes
3rd – Leona Hristovska (Ivanhoe) – 11 votes

Netball Section 4
1st – Kylie Yelland (North Heidelberg) – 24 votes
2nd – Abigail Sergienko (Craigieburn) – 16 votes
3rd – Sarah Williams (North Heidelberg) – 14 votes

Netball Section 5
1st – Daina Peet (Macleod) – 32 votes
2nd – Maddison Filev (Watsonia) – 23 votes
3rd – Brooke Webster (Heat) – 18 votes

Netball Section 6
1st – Kristy Nunn (Kilmore) – 15 votes
2nd – Shannen Tucker (Thomastown) and Emily Whelan (Thomastown) – 14 votes
3rd – Jessica Hardy (Laurimar) and Natasha Ravalli (Fitzroy Stars) – 13 votes

Netball Section 7
1st – Tayla Hardiman (South Morang) – 19 votes
2nd – Maria Klaromenos (Bundoora) – 17 votes
3rd – Amy Goodwin (Whittlesea) and Alexandra Toll (St Mary’s) – 13 votes

Netball Section 8
1st – Olivia Betts (La Trobe) – 23 votes
2nd – Angel Mann (Mernda) – 21 votes
3rd – Kellie Shannon (Reservoir) – 18 votes

Netball Section 9
1st – Bianca Clamp (Lower Plenty) – 25 votes
2nd – Dawn McGuinness (Northcote Park) and Stephanie Oakford (Kilmore) – 20 votes
3rd – Montana Powell (Reservoir) – 18 votes

Netball Section 10
1st – Michelle Soon (Thomastown) – 18 votes
2nd – Charlotte McClaren (Hurstbridge) – 17 votes
3rd – Jordyn Taylor (Kilmore) 16 votes

Netball Section 11
1st – Alana Nackovski (Bundoora) – 18 votes
2nd – Rebecca Buckley (Montmorency) – 17 votes
3rd – Nikayla Bamblett (Fitzroy Stars) – 10 votes

Netball Section 12
1st – Rebecca Dighton (Heat) – 25 votes
2nd – Grace Hannemann (Kilmore) and Jayde Rogneda (North Heidelberg) – 16 votes
3rd – Jordyn Byrne (Heidelberg West) and Melinda Price (West Preston-Lakeside) – 14 votes


Meadows Greyhounds Division 1 – Sam Gilmore (Heidelberg)
A Plus Labour Solutions Division 2 – Brent Macaffer (Eltham)
Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3 – Mitchell Thompson (Laurimar)
ANZ Division 1 Women’s – Tamara Olcorn (Darebin)
MC Security Division 2 Women’s – Demi Hallett (South Morang)
Mirvac Division 3 Women’s – Lauren Collis (Greensborough)


Meadows Greyhonds Division 1: Ahmed Saad (West Preston-Lakeside) 76 goals
A Plus Labour Solutions Division 2: Michael Still (Eltham) 44 goals
Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3: Rhys Boyden (Panton Hill) 76 goals
ANZ Division 1 Women’s: Kerrie Clarke (VU Western Spurs) 21 goals
MC Security Division 2 Women’s: Emma Rowe (Heidelberg) 31 goals
Mirvac Division 3 Women’s: Stacy Rigon (VU Western Spurs) 24 goals
Division 1 Reserves: Shane Jacobs (Bundoora) 66 goals
Division 2 Reserves: Shaun McKenzie (Banyule) 36 goals
Division 3 Reserves: Dylan Rowe (Panton Hill) 45 goals
Division 1 Under-19s: Jack Cicitta (St Mary’s) 52 goals
Division 2 Under-19s: Kyle Wheatley (Mill Park) 47 goals


Section 1 – Natasha Atkinson Brown (Fitzroy Stars) 562 goals
Section 2 – Belinda Vass (Craigieburn) 332 goals
Section 3 – Nina Cowie (Watsonia) 237 goals
Section 4 – Kylie Yelland (North Heidelberg) 317 goals
Section 5 – Daina Peet (Macleod) 339 goals
Section 6 – Kristy Nunn (Kilmore) 298 goals
Section 7 – Lauren Pendlebury (Bundoora ) 284 goals
Section 8 – Olivia Betts (La Trobe University) 238 goals
Section 9 – Montana Powell (Reservoir) 251 goals
Section 10 – Kelly Drummond (South Morang) 225 goals
Section 11 – Rebecca Buckley (Montmorency) 202 goals
Section 12 – Grace Hannemann (Kilmore) 215 goals


2019 Senior Club of the Year
Kilmore Football Netball Club

Senior Umpire of the Year
Phillip Pettinella

Most Improved Senior Umpire
Lachlan Flinn

Netball Umpire of the Year
Renee Shannon

Most Improved Netball Umpire
Kai Suzuki

Volunteer of the Year
Rod Luscombe (Whittlesea)

AFL Victoria Northern Region Senior Coach of the Year – Male
Mick Harford (Greensborough)

AFL Victoria Northern Region Senior Coach of the Year – Female
Christina Polatajko (VU Western Spurs)

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