2019 NFNL Junior Best and Fairest Awards

Published on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

All the results from the 2019 NFNL Junior Presentation Night.

Montmorency Junior Football Club was rewarded for a great year on and off the field, winning the NFNL Junior Club of the Year award, ahead of finalists Diamond Creek Women’s, Greensborough, Kilmore and Research.

Keon Park under-9s coach Lynton Martin claimed the Lew Hall Award, which acknowledges selfless contribution to a club, the league and/or community by a young person.

Ben Ham and Luka Kennedy took out the Northern Knights NFNL Rising Star Awards, while the NFNL representative awards were won by Jason McCormick (Under-15A Boys), Taj Andreetta (Under-15B Boys), Jade Ventura (Under-15A Girls), Tess Keogh (Under-15B Girls), Dion Sposaro (Under-14A Boys) and Jed Wallace (Under-14B Boys).

Ruby Pivetta was named the Junior Umpire of the Year and Mitchell Sparks claimed the Most Promising Junior Umpire Award.

Kath Isaac was named Junior Coach of the Year, with Chris Allison and Chris Buhagiar finalists for the award. Owen Blizzard claimed the Youth Coach of the Year, ahead of finalists Cameron McCormick and Mat Poultney.

To see all the vote listings from the 2019 junior season, please click on the link below:

DOWNLOAD: 2019 NFNL Junior Best and Fairest Votes Listings

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Continue below for the top-three vote winners from each junior football competition:

Under-13 Blue
1st – Christian Ganino (West Preston-Lakeside), Cooper Herbert (Laurimar) and Alo Tiatia (Epping) 22 votes
2nd – Dylan Costantin (Montmorency) 18 votes
3rd – Kyan Carman (Yarrambat) 17 votes

Under-13 Red
1st – Harvey Hempenstall (Whittlesea) 28 votes
2nd – Max Collier (Kilmore) 21 votes
3rd – Degife Romari (Greensborough) 19 votes

Under-13 Green
1st – Jai Simmons (Mernda) 24 votes
2nd – Thomas Wardley (Wallan) 21 votes
3rd – Jackson Hall (Keon Park) 18 votes

Under-14 Blue
1st – Nate Caddy (Yarrambat) 22 votes
2nd – Riley Gilchrist (Whittlesea) 19 votes
3rd – Nash King (Kilmore) 18 votes

Under-14 Red
1st – Sean Culhane (Montmorency) 18 votes
2nd – Flynn Gardam (Diamond Creek) 16 votes
3rd – Felix Bell (Research) 15 votes

Under-14 Green
1st – Kanoa Rotumah (West Preston-Lakeside) 27 votes
2nd – Chiara Nardo (Reservoir/Thomastown) 20 votes
3rd – Nicholas Costanzo (Bundoora Park) 18 votes

Under-14 Girls Blue
1st – Tahlia Pyle (Whittlesea) and Brooke Webster (Diamond Creek Women’s) 23 votes
2nd – Dayna Geddes (Bundoora Park) and Anayah Maher (Research) – 22 votes
3rd – Naomi Nicola (Montmorency) 20 votes

Under-14 Girls Red
1st – Jade Mclay (Wallan) 24 votes
2nd – Peyton Burns (Mernda) 19 votes
3rd – Brianna Cowley (Diamond Creek Women’s) 18 votes

Under-15 Blue
1st – Noah Barnes (Yarrambat) 22 votes
2nd – Cooper Harvey (Yarrambat) 21 votes
3rd – Jarred Seiter (Montmorency) 20 votes

Under-15 Red
1st – William O’Dwyer-Richards (Kilmore) 25 votes
2nd – Jarrod Carrafa (Diamond Creek) 24 votes
3rd – Riley Powell (Whittlesea) 17 votes

Under-16 Blue
1st – Adam Crick (Montmorency) 14 votes
2nd – Kaiden Arthur (Laurimar), Benjamin Fisher (Greensborough), Joel Fitzgerald (Yarrambat), Angus Seivers (Greensborough) and Darcy Wilmot (Yarrambat) 13 votes
3rd – Kyle Kankaanpaa (Yarrambat) and Cooper Scott (Yarrambat) 11 votes

Under-16 Red
1st – Jett Ladewig (Kilmore) 24 votes
2nd – Finnbar Maley (Research) 20 votes
3rd – Harry Beattie (Whittlesea), Callum Birch (Wallan), Sebastian Lay (Research), Dayne Middleton (Kilmore) and Jack Taylor (Whittlesea) 11 votes

Under-16 Girls Blue
1st – Brooke Plummer (Yarrambat) 25 votes
2nd – Tarrah Delgado (Research) and Emmison Zealley (Greensborough) 21 votes
3rd – April Woodward (Montmorency) 19 votes

Under-16 Girls Red
1st – Jade Ventura (Whittlesea) 37 votes
2nd – Darci Locklier (Mill Park) 18 votes
3rd – Imogen Hammond (Diamond Creek Women’s) 15 votes

1st – Jared Crosbie (Kilmore) 14 votes
2nd – Lorne Waldron (Eltham) 12 votes
3rd – Luke Corda (Greensborough), Mitchell Skipper (Research) and Bailey Sobol (Yarrambat) 11 votes

Under-18 Girls
1st – Stephanie Elarmaly (Darebin) 19 votes
2nd – Molly McCormack (Research) 18 votes
3rd – Bianca Keogh (Montmorency) and Portia Ricardo (Diamond Creek Women’s) 16 votes

Junior Club of the Year
Montmorency Junior Football Club

Lew Hall Award
Lynton Martin

Northern Knights NFNL Boys Rising Star
Ben Ham

Northern Knights NFNL Girls Rising Star
Luka Kennedy

NFNL Representative Award – Under 14B Boys
Jed Wallace

NFNL Representative Award – Under 14A Boys
Dion Sposaro

NFNL Representative Award – Under 15B Girls
Tess Keogh

NFNL Representative Award – Under 15A Girls
Jade Ventura

NFNL Representative Award – Under 15B Boys
Taj Andreetta

NFNL Representative Award – Under 15A Boys
Jason McCormick

Junior Umpire of the Year
Ruby Pivetta

Most Promising Junior Umpire
Mitchell Sparks

Junior Coach of the Year
Kath Isaac

Youth Coach of the Year
Owen Blizzard

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