2021 Junior Football Awards

Published on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

All the results from the 2021 NFNL Junior Football Awards.

Wallan Junior Football Club was rewarded for a great year on and off the field, winning the NFNL Junior Club of the Year award, ahead of finalists Hurstbridge, Keon Park, Research and Yarrambat.

Diamond Creek’s Taj Logan claimed the Lew Hall Award, which acknowledges selfless contribution to a club, the league and/or community by a young person. Other finalists recognised for the award were Noah Lucin (Keon Park) and Zoe Paullo (Yarrambat).

The representative football awards were won by Dylan Costantin (Under-15 Boys Division 1), Dylan Parker (Under-15 Boys Division 2), Jade Mclay (Under-15 Girls Division 1), Maxine Ong (Under-15 Girls Division 2), Tyson Gresham (Under-14 Boys Division 1) and Nicholas Driscoll (Under-14 Boys Division 2).

Lisa Compton-Robins claimed the Junior Umpire of the Year and Ryan O’Grady was named Most Promising Junior Umpire.

Continue below for the best and fairest results for each junior football competition. 

To see all the vote listings from the 2021 junior season, please click here.

Under-18 Girls
1st – Brooke Plummer (Diamond Creek Women’s) 16 votes
2nd – April Woodward (Montmorency) 15 votes
3rd – Michaela Molenberg (Research) 12 votes

1st – James McCallum (Eltham) and Jarred Seiter (Montmorency) 16 votes
2nd – Luke Lovalvo (South Morang) 15 votes
3rd – Jason McCormick (Eltham) 11 votes

Under-16 Blue
1st – Nate Caddy (Yarrambat) 24 votes
2nd – Connor Lidgerwood (Diamond Creek) 12 votes
3rd – Aleksandr D’Arro (Yarrambat) and Dean De Propertis (South Morang) 11 votes

Under-16 Red
1st – Jude Georgievski (Epping) and Daniel Rakhlin (Epping) 19 votes
2nd – Sean Culhane (Montmorency) 17 votes
3rd – Angus Smith (Bundoora Park) 12 votes

Under-16 Girls Blue
1st – Dayna Geddes (Bundoora Park) 21 votes
2nd – Brianna Cowley (Diamond Creek Women’s Red) 16 votes
3rd – Remy Moore (Bundoora Park) 15 votes

Under-16 Girls Red
1st – Hailey Cordova (South Morang) 18 votes
2nd – Mia Caruso (Laurimar), Olivia Curavic (Laurimar) and Tianah Teo (Mernda) 11 votes
3rd – Tahlia Pyle (Whittlesea) 10 votes

Under-15 Blue
1st – Archer Fenton (Laurimar) 21 votes
2nd – Taj Logan (Diamond Creek) 17 votes
3rd – Dylan Costantin (Montmorency) 16 votes

Under-15 Red
1st – Jesse Callaway (Yarrambat) and Adam Chang (Bundoora Park) 20 votes
2nd – Kyan Carman (Yarrambat) 18 votes
3rd – Harvey Hempenstall (Whittlesea) 14 votes

Under-14 Blue
1st – Sebastian Murphy (Montmorency) 25 votes
2nd – Daen Brown (South Morang) 16 votes
3rd – Jack Stone (Laurimar) 15 votes

Under-14 Red
1st – Luke Cassar (Mernda) and Jackson Mansfield (Kilmore) 19 votes
2nd – River Bourke (Research) 11 votes
3rd – Matthew Repic (Kilmore) 10 votes

Under-14 Girls Blue
1st – Olivia Gorman (Diamond Creek Women’s Blue) 22 votes
2nd – Isabella Turner (Research) 20 votes
3rd – Maddison Meagher (Diamond Creek Women’s Red) 16 votes

Under-14 Girls Red
1st – Katelyn Busuttil (Mill Park) 19 votes
2nd – Lily Butterfield (Hurstbridge) 18 votes
3rd – Devony Hoare (South Morang) 16 votes

Under-14 Girls Green
1st – Grace Farah (Epping) and Poppy O’Loughlin (Darebin) 20 votes
2nd – Melisa Demollari (Epping) 15 votes
3rd – Eloise Sanders (Eltham) 12 votes

Under-13 Blue
1st – Lewis Houndsome (Yarrambat) and Matteo Pavone (West Preston-Lakeside) 17 votes
2nd – Matthew D’Amico (Eltham) 10 votes
3rd – Luke Hillard (Kilmore), Rohan Sharpe (Eltham), Dean Talarico (Mill Park) 9 votes

Under-13 Red
1st – Jasper Tucker (South Morang) 27 votes
2nd – Ashton Flottl (Greensborough) 17 votes
3rd – Max Lehner (Wallan) 14 votes

Under-13 Green
1st – Michael Bellissimo (Keon Park) 17 votes
2nd – Lachlan Barker (Mernda) 12 votes
3rd – Harley Liversidge (Laurimar), Adrian Nardo (Mill Park) and Taj Trevenen (Mernda) 10 votes

Junior Club of the Year
Wallan Junior Football Club

Lew Hall Award
Taj Logan (Diamond Creek)

NFNL Representative Award – Under-15 Boys Division 1
Dylan Costantin (Montmorency)

NFNL Representative Award – Under-15 Boys Division 2
Dylan Parker (Yarrambat)

NFNL Representative Award – Under-15 Girls Division 1
Jade Mclay (Diamond Creek Women’s)

NFNL Representative Award – Under-15 Girls Division 2
Maxine Ong (Mernda)

NFNL Representative Award – Under-14 Boys Division 1
Tyson Gresham (South Morang)

NFNL Representative Award – Under-14 Boys Division 2
Nicholas Driscoll (Eltham)

Junior Umpire of the Year
Lisa Compton-Robins

Most Promising Junior Umpire
Ryan O’Grady

Umpire AFL Engagement Award
Eltham Junior Football Club

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