LISTEN | NFNL Podcast – Episode 25

Published on Thursday, September 26, 2019

Listen to Episode 25 of the NFNL Podcast, featuring Rob Maiorana, Shane Jacobs, Chris Daw and Steve Layt.

Samuel Zito and Jarrad Gardner review the 2019 Meadows Greyhounds Division 1 Grand Final and discuss the results from the 2019 Rosbrook Medal Night.

Guests include:

• Dual West Preston-Lakeside premiership coach Rob Maiorana following his side’s remarkable back-to-back premiership success.

• Bundoora reserves premiership coach Shane Jacobs and Eltham under-19 co-coach Chris Daw to discuss their respective sides’ grand final wins.

• Outgoing Panton Hill coach Steve Layt after his decision to stand down as coach of the Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3 premiers.

10:50 – Rob Maiorana interview
21:20 – Shane Jacobs interview
27:33 – Chris Daw interview
46:54 – Steve Layt interview

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