Netball Reviews – Round 10

Published on Monday, June 26, 2017

Author : Marisa Sopcic

A review of the West Preston-Lakeside 1 vs Bundoora 1 and Greensborough 2 vs Diamond Creek 2 netball matches from Round 10.

Section 1 Round 10 – West Preston-Lakeside 1 vs Bundoora 1

West Preston-Lakeside scored its third win of the season to remain in finals contention in Section 1.

The start of the Round 10 match between West Preston-Lakeside and Bundoora was close, with neither team able to break away from their opponent in a tight first term.

The second quarter had the same goal-for-goal play as Comets and Lakeside took every opportunity to rebound shots and go up for goals. An intercept by GK Rebecca McDonagh gave Lakeside their edge in the game, pushing into attack and converting to take a small lead.

Centre Claire De Koeyer and WA Jessica Laird feed in passes, as well as acting as options along the circle, giving shooters Jane Scheetz and Stacey Jeffery better chances to score.

Lakeside’s score increased and the team worked well together, backing each other up on passes and loose balls to control the play.

Defensive work by Lakeside’s Katie Power and McDonagh held off Comets shooters Emily Williams and Megan La Rocca, making it difficult to make positions to score some goals.

The scoreboard read 28-19 at half time, however Bundoora came out strong in response during the third term, with defenders Loren Weekes and Rachael Furgal keeping Lakeside’s shooters at bay and pushing the ball forward to their shooters.

With the score tightening to 31-25, the Comets appeared to have pushed themselves back in the game, forcing held balls and giving their attackers options to score.

Lakeside lifted their play though and stopped Bundoora’s attempts to get ahead, holding the advantage as they sides went into the last quarter.

With GS Scheetz on her toes for the rebound Lakeside made the opening score of the term. Comets were quick to respond with a goal and picked up a runaway pass made by Lakeside to get a second goal right after.

The Comets made some good plays as they looked to continue their fightback, however Lakeside was able to steady, snatching rebounds off Bundoora shooters and making direct passes to their attackers.

An injury to Bundoora centre Jacinta Tonkin saw her go off court, further denting the Comets’ hopes of a come-from-behind win.

The last minute ticked down and despite Bundoora making some late shots, Lakeside’s lead was too much to come back from.

Final score: West-Preston Lakeside 1 (52) def Bundoora 1 (42)

Section 2 Round 10 – Greensborough 2 vs Diamond Creek 2

Greensborough snatched a win against first-placed Diamond Creek in a Round 10 upset in Section 2.

After trailing for the opening three quarters, the Boro fought hard to get ahead in the last term to secure the victory.

A tight first quarter kept the teams close in score as both Greensborough and Diamond Creek worked tirelessly to forced turnovers, which enabled both defences to hold off the shooters and denied either side getting far ahead.

The first quarter ended with just a one-goal difference, with Diamond Creek leading 7-6.

In the second term the Diamond Creek girls went in with more determination and increased their advantage to six goals.

Diamond Creek put in two quick goals to open the quarter as shooters Lexie Giannakos and Eloise Whitcroft worked well around the circle and used their mid-court players, centre Olivia Calerri and WA Jacqui Harrington, to pass off to and move in closer to the ring.

With her side trailing 16-10, Boro’s GS Elyse Sheuermann held her body against her defender and took a well-timed catch from a lob, which she converted to goal.
The Boro girls pulled themselves together and improved both in attack and defensively to cut into Diamond Creek’s advantage.

The Boro’s deficit was just two goals entering the final quarter, and it was in the last that they really took charge.

Despite the first goal being scored by Diamond Creek, the Boro were able score with their next move forward.

Minutes later the Boro missed a shot to tie scores, but Diamond Creek GK Lynsey Barrett’s throw from the circle was intercepted, as the ball was passed to Greensborough GA Olivia Mccluskey who tied the game.

A contact by Diamond Creek gave GA Mccluskey a shot to give Greensborough the lead. She missed the shot, however the rebound was tapped out by Diamond Creek, with Mccluskey able to convert second time around.

Greensborough was able to hold off Diamond Creek from scoring in the final stages of the game to run out a two-goal winner.

Final score: Greensborough 2 (21) def Diamond Creek 2 (19)

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