Netball Reviews – Section 9 and 10 Grand Finals

Published on Monday, August 28, 2017

Author : Marisa Sopcic

Northcote Park and Montmorency enjoyed grand final success at Parade College, taking out the Section 9 and Section 10 premierships respectively.

Section 9 Grand Final – Northcote Park 3 vs Heidelberg West 1

Northcote Park took out the Section 9 premiership, blitzing Heidelberg West in the final quarter to claim a 12-goal win.

Coming from fourth place, Heidelberg West 1 fought its way through the finals series to make it to the grand final, where it stayed competitive in most quarters against a more-fancied opponent.

Opening the game both teams were ready for a tough fight. Northcote Park made a few successive goals to push in front but the Hawks put a stop to the goal scoring soon enough and sat only a goal behind.

Tight defence forced errors around the circle. Heidelberg West’s GD Jessica Taylor tapped the ball out of court, holding play down for three seconds to score a held ball, ensuring Northcote Park couldn’t score.

Scores were again tied at the opening of the second term, as both teams matched their opponents in the shooting thirds.

Northcote Park GS Brynleigh Taylor found empty space close to the ring to score her goals, while GA Helena Ayers backed her up on the rebounds.

The second quarter proved a bit more difficult for the Hawks as they started to slip back in the final minutes. Closing out the half they sat on a score of 13, while Northcote edged ahead to 18 goals.

Northcote Park controlled the second half all over the court, making good use of its possession.

Heidelberg West GA Montana Powell and GS Ebony Taylor settled into free space within their scoring circle, shooting both at a distance and close to the ring as they tried to keep their side in the game

However, the Hawks’ chances of coming back were diminished as Northcote Park asserted its authority in the final quarter to stretch the lead beyond 10 goals.

The result capped of a dominant season for the Cougars, after also finishing atop the ladder at the end of the home and away season.

The best on court medal was awarded to Montana Powell, shooter for Heidelberg West 1.

In her premiership address, Northcote Park coach Maddie Selling said “you’re incredible and I’m so, so proud of you all”. Heidelberg West coach Nicole Malcom said she was still “very proud” of her team despite the end result.

Final score: Northcote Park 3 (38) def Heidelberg West 1 (26)

Section 10 Grand Final – Montmorency 2 vs Bundoora 6

Grand Final triumph went the way of Montmorency 2 last Friday night at Parade College after downing Bundoora 6 in the Section 10 decider.

Montmorency never faulted despite a strong challenge from Bundoora throughout the entire match, with the final score reading 25-19.

Both teams showed nerves early as they made simple mistakes. Stepping seemed to be a common theme across the court but as the quarter settled in Montmorency started to form a lead.

GD Tahlia McLeish was a key player throughout the first term and often thwarted Bundoora’s advances forward.

Bundoora came out strongly in the second quarter, passing well into their shooters, GS Emma Bannan and GA Caitlan McLauchlan, who begun to shoot with accuracy.

Bundoora GD Ellen Bruno came forward for a great intercept, with the ball sent forward for another score to put the Comets only a goal behind the Magpies.

Montmorency, looking the hold off the approaching Comets, forced a turnover and worked quickly down to its shooters. In the final minutes of the half, the Magpies took back the control of the game and gave themselves some breathing space on the scoreboard.

Needing to play catch up in the second half, the Comets girls began to feel the pressure as their shooters struggled to convert their shots.

The final quarter started with Montmorency leading by six. Bundoora broke on the centre but the Magpies then lost the ball out of court. Advancing to their shooters, the Comets scored three consecutive goals to open the quarter, putting themselves back in the running.

But from there the Comets failed to make full use of their scoring opportunities, which didn’t allow them to make the comeback they were hoping for.

The pressure produced by Montmorency was too intense and ensured the Magpies were able to hold their advantage and bring home a premiership win for their club.

Best on court was awarded to Montmorency GD Tahlia McLeish who produced an outstanding defensive performance.

Final score: Montmorency 2 (25) def Bundoora 6 (19)

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