Reserves Men’s Football Coach: Lower Plenty Football Netball Club

Published on Thursday, August 19, 2021

Lower Plenty Football Netball Club is seeking applications for the role of reserves men’s football coach.

Position Description: Head Coach – Reserves Men’s

Reports To: Senior Men’s Head Coach and Manager Football Operations (Men’s)

Fundamental Purpose of Position

The purpose of the Reserves Head Coach (RHC) is to provide leadership, knowledge and support to steering the Lower Plenty Bears Reserves men’s team in the Northern Football and Netball League (NFNL) competition.

The RHC must lead the appointed Reserves and Under 19 Men’s coaching staff of the Lower Plenty Football and Netball Club (LPFNC) in the preparation, development and performance of our Senior Reserves Men’s program, under the direction of, and in co-operation and collaboration with, the Senior Men’s Head Coach.

The RHC will lead the day-to-day coaching of Reserves players, supporting coaches and team support staff to successfully and proudly represent the LPFNC.

Specific Responsibilities of the Position

1.0. Planning and Evaluation

1.1. To support the Senior Men’s implementation, management, maintenance and continuous improvement of the LPFNC Men’s team’s Game Plan and Style of Play.
1.2. To assist in planning of, and delivery of, a schedule for the NFNL season, including; player fitness, player strength and conditioning, team training sessions, player recovery, opposition scouting and other in support of related Club fundraising events.
1.3. To organise all team training sessions and arrange pre-season schedule and practice games in collaboration with the Senior Men’s Head Coach.
1.4. To implement, manage, maintain and continuously improve team standards and team protocols in support of the attached LPFNC Core Values.

2.0 Assistance and Support

2.1. To be a Mentor for our playing group and coaching staff, and assist with their overall personal and professional growth and development on and off the field.
2.2. To ensure, through open lines of communication and monitoring, that all rostered players are:
a. training under adequate and safe conditions;
b. complying with the terms of their signed Player Agreement with the LPFNC; and
c. fully aware of their pathway for promotion and/or relegation to/from the Senior Men’s team.
2.3. It is the RHC’s responsibility to individually speak to each listed player regularly to provide feedback on what areas, and skill sets, the player needs to work on to improve their game.
2.4. The RHC must oversee team medical, well-being, hydration and recovery needs for all selected Reserves players throughout the respective NFNL season’s commitment.

3.0 Communication

The RHC is required;
3.1. To ensure that the Senior Men’s Head Coach and the Manager Football Operations (Men), are informed of all player and team matters in a timely manner.
3.2. To ensure strong relationships are developed and maintained with related LPFNC Executive and General Committee members.
3.3. To maintain clear and timely communication with selected team members and appointed team support and coaching staff.
3.4. To lead, mentor and support the appointed Assistant Coaches; to set goals and assist with their professional development.

4.0 Other Responsibilities

The RHC is required:
4.1. To coach all fixtured Reserves games in a professional leadership manner.
4.2. To assist the LPFNC in the recruitment of, and retention of, a quality playing and coaching roster.
4.3. To oversee opposition scouting and game day preparations.
4.4. To complete all paperwork as required by the LPFNC and NFNL in a timely manner and uphold the conditions and rules prescribed.
4.5. To ensure LPFNC commercial partners and members are supported and recognised.
4.6. To always represent the LPFNC with the appropriate manner on and off the field.
4.7. To liaise with the Research Junior Football Club, our feeder Club, for consistency in coaching themes, style of play and coaching points of emphasis.
4.8. To adopt a personal culture of excellence and high standards that ensure the RHC of the LPFNC is a well-respected role model for our community.

Key Skills and Behaviours necessary to fulfil the Position

1. Understanding of what is required to achieve success at senior football;
2. Ability to improve and add to the current athlete’s skill base;
3. Experience in staff supervision and people management;
4. Excellent organisation skills;
5. Well developed oral and written presentation skills;
6. Ability to represent Australian Rules Football in a professional and respectable manner;
7. Excellent leadership ability;
8. Demonstrated outstanding football knowledge and coaching experience at an elite level;
9. Desire to develop and educate others;
10. Ability to communicate with all members of the City of Banyule community

What This Role Must Not Do

• Stop leading;
• Stop planning for the future;
• Stop sharing knowledge gained;
• Stop learning latest trends and philosophies in the game of Australian Rules Football.

Selection Process

The RHC is appointed after submitting an application to the Manager Football Operations in response to an advertisement being placed on the NFNL website. Successful short listed candidates will then be invited to an interview where the candidate will be required to present to the approved LPFNC Coaching Selection Panel.

At this Coaching Selection Panel interview the prospective RHC is to identify their detailed plan for the upcoming season, including but not limited to; specific training programs, the recruiting process, the understanding of the LPFNC senior group and the proposed style of team play.


The appointment will be offered to the selected candidate at an agreed amount.
An annual appraisal of the position shall occur in the two (2) weeks immediately following the conclusion of the respective NFNL season and compliance with this position description shall be considered in detail.

Applications close September 19th 2021

Position Description prepared by: LPFNC Executive on 19 August 2021

Please forward expressions of interest to Peter Ford:

or call 0439 251 662 to discuss the role.

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