Senior Teams | August 11-12

Published on Friday, August 10, 2018

The selected teams for this week’s NFNL senior football matches.

Greensborough has named Charlie Molyneux for its Meadows Greyhounds Division 1 top-three clash with North Heidelberg, however Billy Murphy, Chris Clark, Zak McCubbin and Brody Tickell will all miss.

The Bulldogs have included Billy Hogan for the match at Shelley Reserve – where the winner will move outright second on the ladder with two rounds remaining.

Matthew Dennis, Scott Dowell and Ricky Dyson all return for Bundoora’s home match against Hurstbridge at Yulong Reserve.

Northcote Park has significantly bolstered its line-up for its trip to Heidelberg, with Ash Close, Bronik Davies and Brock McLennan named to return for the match at Warringal Park. However, reigning best and fairest Jordan Perry will miss through injury.

Meanwhile, injuries have ruled out Nick Lynch and Kurt Manuel for Macleod’s clash with Whittlesea at De Winton Park.

In A Plus Labour Solution Division 2, Eltham has named Anton Woods and Lewis Glasgow among five inclusions for its top-three battle against Banyule at Eltham Central Park. Banyule has added Riley Keath and Matthew Yarwood.

Tom Keys returns for Lower Plenty’s clash with Thomastown at Main Street Reserve. The home side has also received a boost, with Sal Mamone, Daniel Chadwick, Matthew Ferraro and Nick Horman all named to play.

In Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3, Daniel Castagnini returns for St Mary’s for its trip to Waterview Recreation Reserve to take on Mernda.

Meanwhile, Kilmore will host second-placed Panton Hill without Ben Tsakmakis and Marcus Webb.

The teams are also in for this weekend’s ANZ NFNL Women’s finals to be played at Epping Recreation Reserve.

All second semi finals will be played on Saturday, with the first semi finals to follow on Sunday.

Continue below for all the team changes. Click on the links to see the selected teams.


Selected teams: Macleod vs Whittlesea
Macleod: IN – Joseph Ciranna, Brae Morgan, Matt Veszpremi; OUT – Nick Lynch (injured), Kurt Manuel (injured); 23rd Man – Brae Morgan
Whittlesea: IN – Jarod Coco, Caleb Newport; OUT – Matthew Atta; 23rd Man – Caleb Newport

Selected teams: Montmorency vs West Preston-Lakeside
Montmorency: IN – Jacob Fahey, Wyatt Le Gassick; OUT – Kyan Watson, Matthew White; 23rd Man – Jacob Bedrac
West Preston-Lakeside: IN – Omar Mustafa; 23rd Man – Jack Snow

Selected teams: North Heidelberg vs Greensborough
North Heidelberg: IN – Jordon Bulman, Andre Habchi, Billy Hogan; OUT – Rhys Gardener, Louis Hill, Liam Nunan; 23rd Man – Brock Perichon
Greensborough: IN – Scott Clark, Mitch Merkel, Charlie Molyneux, Josh Riddle; OUT – Chris Clark, Zak McCubbin, Billy Murphy, Brody Tickell; 23rd Man – N/A

Selected teams: Heidelberg vs Northcote Park
Heidelberg: IN – Jesse Kane, Samuel Wright; OUT – Ben Irving; 23rd Man – Jesse Kane
Northcote Park: IN – Ash Close, Bronik Davies, Matthew George, Brock McLennan, Alex Phokos, Alastair Punshon; OUT – Justin Chilcott, Jordan Perry (injured), Jake Mills, Janus Waldron, Liam Waldron; 23rd Man – Alex Phokos

Selected teams: Bundoora vs Hursbridge
Bundoora: IN – Matthew Dennis, Scott Dowell, Ricky Dyson, Nathan Phillips; OUT – Andrew Carmusciano, Jacob Maynes, Ben Nesci; 23rd Man – Nathan Phillips
Hurstbridge: IN – Bryce East, Mark Pavlovski; OUT – Callum Cook, William Gunn; 23rd Man – N/A


Selected teams: Watsonia vs Epping
Watsonia: IN – Spencer Briggs, Leon Danicic, Cooper Gunn, Daniel Norden, Gary Ring, Jonah Taylor, Riley Taylor; OUT – Jeremy Bolden, Jack Larkin, Riley Lenehan, Jake Murphy, Jamie Ozimek, Michael Paske, Lachlan Sinclair; 23rd Man – N/A
Epping: IN – Paul Dempsey, Peter McMahon, Corey Middleton; OUT – Jake Cullen, Nathan Godino, Tyler Peirce; 23rd Man – N/A

Selected teams: Eltham vs Banyule
Eltham: IN – Anton Woods, Tom Evans, Lewis Glasgow, Cameron Sullivan, Luke Wachinger; OUT – Sean Desmond, Tom Rogers, Joel Toll; 23rd Man – Cameron Sullivan
Banyule: IN – Riley Keath, Matthew Yarwood; OUT – Jye Stevens; 23rd Man – Patrick Molony

Selected teams: Thomastown vs Lower Plenty
Thomastown: IN – Daniel Chadwick, Matthew Ferraro, Nicholas Horman, Salvatore Mamone; OUT – Jordan Cugnetto, Lachlan Evans, Nicholas Fiore, Adrian Natoli; 23rd Man – N/A
Lower Plenty: IN – Tom Keys, Alden Meale; OUT – Ben Paterson; 23rd Man – Jack Wilkinson

Selected teams: Fitzroy Stars vs Diamond Creek
Fitzroy Stars: IN – Clinton Benjamin, Domenic Cutrupi, Tristan Harrison-Drake, Max Maynard, Shawn Wilkey; OUT – Brian Hutchinson, Jye Karpany, Rivva Karpany, Brian Liddle, Roger Morris; 23rd Man – N/A
Diamond Creek: IN – Nicholas Barro, Ryan Donaldson, Rory Kavanagh, Danyon Kambouris, Jack Prosser, Max Whalley, Cameron Wild; OUT – Bryce Adams, Tyler Barnes, Matthew Lewis, Thomas Mills, Nathan Searl, Charlie Whalley; 23rd Man – Max Whalley


Selected teams: Reservoir vs Heidelberg West
Reservoir: IN – Thomas Goodwin, Aaron Lanning, Luke Moloney, David Roberts, Rikki Toet, Matthew Velthuis; OUT – Jordan Crowhurst, Chris Emmett, Jake Lovell, Art Marasigan, Matthew Perichon, Craig Poynter
Heidelberg West: IN – Justin Banihashemi, Jacob Duson, Ryan Gall, Ryan Offer, John Shanahan, Zach Tranter; OUT – Stefan Condello, Jessy Ellis, Samuel James, Brodie Muir, Brae Naggs-Ferguson, Jordan Vellios

Selected teams: Kilmore vs Panton Hill
Kilmore: IN – Lachlan Gough, Dean Papadopoulos, Robert Rowe; OUT – Daniel Matthew, Ben Tsakmakis, Marcus Webb
Panton Hill: IN – Ryan Adams, Alex Dines, Jonty Rushton; OUT – Ryan Boyden, John Pritchard

Selected teams: Lalor vs Laurimar
Lalor: IN – Jonathan McCartney, Timothy Murphy, Robert Todd; OUT – Jaidyn Curzi, Brian Leslie, Hayden Pham
Laurimar: IN – Jack House, Chris Morton, Elliot Pyke; OUT – Brett McDonald, Jesse Politini, Vian Swanepoel

Selected teams: Mernda vs St Mary’s
Mernda: IN – Matthew Golledge, Dayne Kellett, Christopher Roussos; OUT – Jesse Owens-Draper, Anthony Talbot; 23rd Man – Chris Roussos
St Mary’s: IN – Daniel Castagnini, Connor Gedge, Leigh Sullivan; OUT – Troy Bickerton, Ryan Cutting; 23rd Man – Connor Gedge


Selected teams: Keilor vs Bendigo
Second Semi Final – Saturday 2:10pm at Epping Recreation Reserve

Selected teams: VU Western Spurs vs Diamond Creek Women’s
First Semi Final – Sunday 2:10pm at Epping Recreation Reserve


Selected teams: West Preston-Lakeside vs VU Western Spurs
Second Semi Final – Saturday 11:55am at Epping Recreation Reserve

Selected teams: La Trobe University vs Montmorency
First Semi Final – Sunday 11:55am at Epping Recreation Reserve


Selected teams: Bundoora vs St Mary’s
Second Semi Final – Saturday 10:00am at Epping Recreation Reserve

Selected teams: VU Western Spurs vs Eltham
First Semi Final: Sunday 10:00am at Epping Recreations Reserve

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