Senior Teams | July 30 – July 31

Published on Friday, July 29, 2022

The selected teams for this week’s NFNL senior football matches are in.

Senior men’s teams in Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3 and MC Labour Division 2 ONLY are permitted to select a 23rd Player for this weekend’s matches. The 23rd Player must be an under-19 eligible player and can’t have previously played more than two senior games.

Benjamin McNiece and Matthew Perry headline some big inclusions for Northcote Park in their vital Melbourne Greyhounds Division 1 clash with Whittlesea. The Eagles have made two changes.

Jackson Bowne will come back for Bundoora but the Bulls won’t have David Zaharakis or Daniel Younan at their disposal. Their opponents Greensborough have brought in three handy inclusions with Jack Johnston, Andrew Stellas and Joel Trudgeon all named. Matthew Kreuzer will miss.

Brent Harvey returns for North Heidelberg but the Bulldogs will miss Jesse Tardio and Jhye Baddeley-Kelly when they host Hurstbridge. The Bridges will be without Sunny Brazier.

Matthew Smith returns for Heidelberg when they take on West Preston-Lakeside while Sebastian Latina will be a big boost for Macleod when they travel to Montmorency.

Finnbar Maley and Matthew Williamson return for Eltham’s MC Labour Division 2 battle with St Mary’s. The Burra have made five changes.

Thomastown will be bolstered by the inclusions of Jarryd Coulson, Daniel Caruso and James Rizzolio when they take on a Lower Plenty side who won’t have neither Billy nor Darcy Barden.

Tim Martin and Ricky Dyson will miss Banyule’s trip to Epping with the Blues welcoming back Damon Marcon, while Hugh Kavanagh headlines the addition’s to Diamond Creek’s squad as they prepare to host Panton Hill.

Joshua Leather returns for Laurimar as they look to remain on top of the Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3 ladder when they face Kilmore.

Nathan Stefanile will be brought back in for South Morang’s huge clash with Old Eltham Collegians. The Turtles have made a massive seven changes with Thomas Cleary and Matthew Keys headlining the inclusions.

Selected teams for the NFNL Women’s competition have been named ahead of the opening week of finals.

Continue below for all the team changes. Click on the links to see the selected teams.


Selected teams: Northcote Park vs Whittlesea
Northcote Park: IN – Lachlan Boscarini, Brayden King, Benjamin McNiece, Bryson Norris, Matthew Perry; OUT – Sullivan Everett, Joseph Hess, Mitchell Jones, Reuben Rode
Whittlesea: IN – Taidhg Bland, Luke Jeffs; OUT – Steven Dempsey, Christian Prestopino

Selected teams: Montmorency vs Macleod
Montmorency: IN – Anthony Bernardi, Alexander Chiocci, Ben Walton; OUT – Brock Binion, Braedyn Gillard, Nicolas Uzelac
Macleod: IN – Ryan Bailey, Thomas Flood, Sebastian Latina, Matthew McGregor, Fraser Pope, Mitchell Tsaparis; OUT – Dylan Brizzi, Hume Hurley, Luke Joyce, Shaun Lumsden, Jose Miliado, Jacob Smith

Selected teams: North Heidelberg vs Hurstbridge
North Heidelberg: IN – Nicholas Graham, Will Gunn, Brent Harvey, Kye Maher, Tanar Peirce; OUT – Jhye Baddeley-Kelly, Brandon Bailey, Kieren Jaksic, Jesse Tardio
Hurstbridge: IN – Trent Barbero, Joel Dale; OUT – Sunny Brazier, Callum Cook

Selected teams: Heidelberg vs West Preston-Lakeside
Heidelberg: IN – Charlie Robinson, Matthew Smith, Isaac Wallace; OUT – Luke Bunker, Max Jones, Kellan Smith
West Preston-Lakeside: IN – Matthew Belbasis, Joshua Iacobaccio, Adam Valeri; OUT – Hayden Gill, Zac McDonald, Rainier Pezzin

Selected teams: Bundoora vs Greensborough
Bundoora: IN – Jackson Bowne, Tristan Brown, Jackson Davies, Brenton Keating; OUT – IN – Liam Mallia, Nathan Thomas, Daniel Younan, David Zaharakis
Greensborough: IN – Jack Johnston, Andrew Stellas, Joel Trudgeon; OUT – IN – Dylan Clancy, Benjamin Fisher, Matt Kreuzer


Selected teams: Watsonia vs Fitzroy Stars
Watsonia: IN – Philip Bastick, Darcy Boxall, Ben Callaghan, Daniel Gervasoni, Ryan Holroyd, Matthew Volpe; OUT – Kyle Kemp, Fraser Kubeil, James Lucente, Benjamin McKenzie, Noah Phillips; 23rd Player – Darcy Boxall
Fitzroy Stars: IN – Christopher Brown, Coen Cooper, Yemurraki Egan, Mitchell Evans, Dylan Harvey, Edward Hayden, Djaran Murray-Jackson; OUT – Norman Bell, Mark Daher, Riley McRae, Ken Priestley, Jordan Proctor, David Smith, Hayden Welsh

Selected teams: Diamond Creek vs Panton Hill
Diamond Creek: IN – Ryan Donaldson, Hugh Kavanagh, James Marchbank, Jack Prosser, Brodie Watson; OUT – Matthew Brennan, Jackson Elzink, Kane Murfett, Charlie Whalley; 23rd Player – Brodie Watson
Panton Hill: IN – Oliver Parks, David Simpson; OUT – Scott Conte, Isaac Silic; 23rd Player – Thomas De Mario

Selected teams: Eltham vs St Mary’s
Eltham: IN – Finnbar Maley, Matthew Williamson; OUT – Mikael Avramov, Aidan Biddle; 23rd Player – Aviela Choka
St Mary’s: IN – Bede Collis, Jake Dambrauskas, Jack Dean, Vincent Loccisano, Jackson Wolczko; OUT – Nicholas Daisley, Nicholas Dean, Bailey Leonard, Lachlan Read; 23rd Player – Bede Collis

Selected teams: Epping vs Banyule
Epping: IN – Thomas Burnside, Elliot Kynaston, Damon Marcon, James Tadd, Liam Webb; OUT – Bailey Caldow, Zack Ferguson, Jaedyn Kearney, Adam Rose, James Stockwell; 23rd Player – Massimo Nado
Banyule: IN – Joshua Blake, William Goodieson, Daniel Langford, Connor Walsh; OUT – Ricky Dyson, Tim Martin, Bailey Neilson, Joshua Page; 23rd Player – Spencer Graham

Selected teams: Thomastown vs Lower Plenty
Thomastown: IN – Daniel Caruso, Jarryd Coulson, James Rizzolio; OUT – Marcus Fox, Christopher Kantzidis, Christian Toppi
Lower Plenty: IN – Alexander Alderton, Zak Goodwin, Billy Reardon, Jordan Sacco, Andrew White; OUT – Darcy Barden, William Barden, Brent Lynch, Laurie Naismith, Liam Riley; 23rd Player – Jed Wallace


Selected teams: Old Eltham Collegians vs South Morang
Old Eltham Collegians: IN – Luke Bower, Thomas Cleary, Jesse Howell, Bradley Johnstone, Matthew Keys, Lukas Lymberatos, Corey Ray; OUT – Jordan Bard, Stuart Enright, Justin R Halliday, Joshua Hanley, Niall Mcdonagh, Samuel Pain, Matthew Quinton; 23rd Player – Jesse Robb
South Morang: IN – Nicholas Poursanidis, Nathan Stefanile, Zayne Wight; OUT – Nathan Bell, Mitchell Dickson

Selected teams: Lalor vs Heidelberg West
Lalor: IN – Kai Di Mauro, Jonathan Hinsley, Jamie Meadows, Thomas Sulyok, Jediah Te Whaiti; OUT – Matthew Baker, Jarryd Baldasso, Jadyn Kondinski, Jarrod Langborne, Thomas Venezia
Heidelberg West: IN – Lachlan Evans, Ben Kennan, Ryan Lee, Samuel McDowell; OUT – Jake Grimshaw, Louis Hill, Brodie Muir, Daniel Offer; 23rd Player – Connor Camilerri

Selected teams: Laurimar vs Kilmore
Laurimar: IN – Joel Lawson, Joshua Leather; OUT – Noah Mooney
Kilmore: IN – Ciaran Barton, Michael Marrett, Stephen McIntyre; OUT – Bailey Derrick, Liam Salter; 23rd Player – Ryan Eyre

Selected teams: Mernda vs Reservoir
Mernda: IN – Joel Harris, Jacob Russell, Ethan Wild; OUT – Ryan Bongetti, Christian Cawsey, William Crouch
Reservoir: IN – Taylor Bryant, Julian Caminiti, Eamonn Maloney, Liam Smith; OUT – Dylan Bryce, Noah Diana, Austin MacDonald, Brendan Maloney


Selected Teams: Montmorency 1 vs West Preston-Lakeside 1
Saturday 2:10pm at Whittlesea Showgrounds

Selected Teams: Darebin 1 vs Greensborough
Sunday 2:10pm at Whittlesea Showgrounds


Selected Teams: Eltham vs Banyule
Saturday 11:55am at Whittlesea Showgrounds

Selected Teams: Fitzroy Stars vs Whittlesea
Sunday 11:55am at Whittlesea Showgrounds


Selected Teams: Hurstbridge vs West Preston-Lakeside
Saturday 10:00am at Whittlesea Showgrounds

Selected Teams: Laurimar vs Heidelberg 2 
Sunday 10:00am at Whittlesea Showgrounds

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