Senior Teams | May 20-May 22

Published on Friday, May 20, 2022

The selected teams for this week’s NFNL senior football matches are in.

Macleod have been forced to make six changes due to injury this week, the likes of Reid Brandt, Patrick Martin, Hamish Paynter and Trent Warren all unavailable for their Melbourne Greyhounds Division 1 clash with Hurstbridge, however the Roos will welcome back Jack Bianchin and Chris Long.

Hurstbridge will have Tyson Old returning to the line up.

West Preston-Lakeside will be bolstered with the return of Damandeep Aujla, Kobe Brown and Joshua Iacobaccio for their big match against Montmorency, but will be without Joshua D’Intinosante.

The Magpies make three changes with Stephen McCallum and Ben Walton headlining the inclusions.

Mitchell Dillon and Ryan McGhie will be welcomed back to the North Heidelberg side for their must win clash with Whittlesea. The Eagles will regain Jarrad Waite but lose Thomas Falls.

Brayden Sier is set to return for Heidelberg in their top of the table clash against Greensborough but the Tigers will be without Tom Bellchambers or Sean Martin. The Borough make two changes.

In MC Labour Division 2, 2021 Coaches MVP Rueben Blackmore-Moore will play his first game since the opening round of the season when Banyule face Watsonia. The Bears also adding James Kayrooz and Tim Martin to a squad that will miss Patrik Della Rocca, Ricky Dyson and Michael Edwards.

2021 Division 2 Team of the Year member Tane Cotter is set to make his first appearance for St Mary’s in 2022 ahead of their crucial match with Eltham. The Burra will be without Jake Dambrauskas or Huon MacGibbon.

The Panthers have made six changes, with Matthew Byron, Lane Sinclair, Bradyn Taglieri and Matthew Williamson some of the inclusions. However Robert Hyde won’t have Jason McCormick, Michael Still or Bailey Taglieri at his disposal on Saturday.

Elsewhere, Thomastown will lose important duo Aaron D’Angelo and Benjamin Nesci as they look to return to the winner’s list against Panton Hill who will welcome back Samuel Parks.

The Fitzroy Stars will receive a welcome boost as Nathan Lovett-Murray returns in their clash with Diamond Creek while Alden Meale will miss for Lower Plenty in their battle with an Epping side who will be without Leigh Judd.

In Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3, Laurimar will miss key pair Jake Richards and Luke Wilson in their trip to Lalor while Hayden Phillips and Scott Swindells return for Kilmore’s match with Mernda.

South Morang have made two changes in their massive clash with Old Eltham Collegians, the Lions regaining Benjamin Power but losing Benjamin Peterson while the Turtles will bring in Benjamin Cox and Mathew Crooks.

Selected teams for the NFNL Women’s competition will be named in the lead-up to Sunday’s matches.

Continue below for all the team changes. Click on the links to see the selected teams.


Selected teams: Northcote Park vs Bundoora
Northcote Park: IN – Alexander Phokos, Alastair Punshon, Janus Waldron; OUT – Thomas Hallebone, Jonathan Naddaaf, Reuben Rode
Bundoora: IN – Jacob Maynes; OUT – Nate Caddy

Selected teams: Macleod vs Hurstbridge
Macleod: IN – Ryan Bailey, Jack Bianchin, Hume Hurley, Chris Long, Damian Papadas, James Williams; OUT – Reid Brandt, Patrick Martin, Hamish Paynter, Jacob Smith, Trent Warren, Jayden Wilding
Hurstbridge: IN – Tyson Old; OUT – Bailey Jordan

Selected teams: West Preston-Lakeside vs Montmorency
West Preston-Lakeside: IN – Damandeep Aujla, Kobe Brown, Joshua Iacobaccio, Christopher McCabe; OUT – Matthew Belbasis, Joshua D’Intinosante, Malik Elfakahani, Rainier Pezzin
Montmorency: IN – Brodie Jones, Stephen McCallum, Ben Walton; OUT – Jacob Bedrac, Brock Binion, Kyle Kankaanpaa

Selected teams: North Heidelberg vs Whittlesea
North Heidelberg: IN – Mitchell Dillon, Ryan McGhie; OUT – Nicholas Graham, Brock Perichon
Whittlesea: IN – Riley Carter, Keidan Treacy, Jarrad Waite; OUT – Riley Dyson, Thomas Falls, Thomas Indian

Selected teams: Heidelberg vs Greensborough
Heidelberg: IN – Mackenzie Hogg, Jesse Kane, Brayden Sier; OUT – Thomas Bellchambers, Sean Martin
Greensborough: IN – Benjamin Fisher, Ben Money; OUT – Lachlan Agnew, Benjamin Ham


Selected teams: Banyule vs Watsonia
Banyule: IN – Rueben Blackmore-Moore, Joshua Blake, James Kayrooz, Tim Martin, Bailey Mitchell; OUT – Adam Carafa, Patrik Della Rocca, Ricky Dyson, Michael Edwards, Daniel Langford
Watsonia: IN – Benjamin McKenzie, Ben Sutherland, Teague Van Zwienen; OUT – Cooper Burns, Ben Callaghan, Jake Murphy

Selected teams: Thomastown vs Panton Hill
Thomastown: IN – Marcus Fox, Christian Toppi; OUT – Aaron D’Angelo, Benjamin Nesci
Panton Hill: IN – Aidan Rowe, Isaac Silic, Samuel Parks; OUT – Keelan Hildebrand, Stefan Klepp, Ayden Robinson

Selected teams: Lower Plenty vs Epping
Lower Plenty: IN – Daniel Iozzi, Heath Howard; OUT – Luke Deslandes, Alden Meale
Epping: IN – Joseph Eiszele, Mitchell Hergarty, Michael Jacobson, Owen Sloan, James Stockwell, Jake Tyson; OUT – Bailey Caldow, Aaryn Gibson, Leigh Judd, Kyle Lamprey, Luke Nicol, Daniel Rakhlin

Selected teams: Fitzroy Stars vs Diamond Creek
Fitzroy Stars: IN – Dylan Harvey, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Keith Morgan, Jaxon Proctor; OUT – Kyle Atkinson, Edward Hayden, Jaidyn King, Jikola Whyman
Diamond Creek: IN – Lachlan Homewood, Charlie Whalley; OUT – Thomas Bennett, Joel Randall

Selected teams: St Mary’s vs Eltham
St Mary’s: IN – Kieran Abbott, Tane Cotter; OUT – Jake Dambrauskas, Huon MacGibbon
Eltham: IN – Matthew Byron, Sean Desmond, Harvey Furlong, Lane Sinclair, Bradyn Taglieri, Matthew Williamson; OUT – Jaden Collins, David Evans, Cooper James, Jason McCormick, Michael Still, Bailey Taglieri


Selected teams: Reservoir vs Heidelberg West
Reservoir: IN – John Abouhaila, Nelson MacDonald, Tom Madden, Dylan Moulton; OUT – Julian Caminiti, Rory Harrington, Zane Pugliese-Thompson, Thomas Service
Heidelberg West: IN – Tim Gleeson, Ben Kennan, Ryan Lee; OUT – Harley Mozdzierz, Alexander Purtell, Zach Tranter

Selected teams: Lalor vs Laurimar
Lalor: IN – Ned Hawkins, Jonathan Hinsley, Jadyn Kondinski, Jamie Meadows, Thomas Sulyok, Andrew Tyrrell, Thomas Venezia; OUT – Austin Creak, Jaidyn Curzi, Dylan Lovett, Hayden Muscat, Levi Rowe, Jedia Te Whaiti, Dean Thomas
Laurimar: IN – Bailey Macleod, Jesse Politini; OUT – Jake Richards, Luke Wilson

Selected teams: South Morang vs Old Eltham Collegians
South Morang: IN – Michael Burns, Benjamin Power; OUT – Benjamin Peterson, Louis Schmiedel
Old Eltham Collegians: IN – Benjamin Cox, Mathew Crooks, Jeremy Murphy, Jacey Winter; OUT – Luke Bower, Lachlan Smith, Nick Snowdon, Matthew Quinton

Selected teams: Mernda vs Kilmore
Mernda: IN – Aaron Colliss; OUT – Rory McIntyre
Kilmore: IN – Luke Chapman, Michael McCulloch, Hayden Phillips, Scott Swindells; OUT – Mark Cameron, Liam Monaghan, Liam Salter, Jaden Smith


Selected Teams: West Preston-Lakeside 1 vs Montmorency 1
Friday 7:00pm at J.C. Donath Reserve

Selected Teams: Heidelberg 1 vs Lower Plenty-Bundoora
Friday 7:00pm at Warringal Park

Selected Teams: Darebin 1 vs Diamond Creek Women’s 1
Sunday 3:00pm at A.H. Capp Reserve

Selected Teams: Greensborough vs VU Western Spurs
Sunday 3:00pm at Greensborough War Memorial Park


Selected Teams: St Mary’s vs Eltham
Saturday 4:45pm at Whatmough Park

Selected Teams: Darebin 2 vs Diamond Creek Women’s 2
Sunday 1:15pm at A.H. Capp Reserve

Selected Teams: Montmorency 2 vs Fitzroy Stars
Sunday 3:00pm at Montmorency Park North Oval

Selected Teams: Whittlesea vs Banyule
Sunday 3:00pm at Whittlesea Showgrounds


Selected Teams: Laurimar vs West Preston-Lakeside 2
Friday 7:00pm at Laurimar Reserve

Selected Teams: Hurstbridge vs Mernda
Sunday 3:00pm at Ben Frilay Oval

Selected Teams: Wallan vs Heidelberg 2
Sunday 3:00pm at Wallan Recreational Reserve

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