Netball Victoria Umpire Testers Meeting

Published on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The 2020 Umpire Tester Meeting is headed for Zoom and will be hosted on Sunday 24 May.

The tester meetings are designed for umpire mentors, testers, coordinators and administrators.

Netball Victoria will hold multiple of these educational meetings, making them as accessible as possible for all wishing to attend.

The Umpire Tester Meetings cover:

• National Umpiring Framework
• NV Endorsed Umpire Tester

List National Testing Requirements:

• Compulsory individual testers criteria and panel set-up
• Testing requirements, umpire candidate pre-requisites and panel pre-requisites
• Umpire testing and badge competencies
• Standard of game for testing
• Online badge submission process
• Online badge updating process
• 2020 rule update

Please click here to register.

Any prospective umpires wishing to receive information about umpiring in the NFNL can contact Elise Billings via email at

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