Below are a list of currently active and upcoming grants which Northern Football Netball League clubs are eligible to apply for.

The NFNL will regularly update this page with the latest grants available to its affiliate clubs.

The league encourages all clubs to regularly check this page to be eligible to apply for grants across a range of areas, including club facility upgrades, volunteer support and personal/group development.


• Sporting Club Grants Program

Applications are open for sports clubs to apply for funding to boost their equipment, skills and administration expertise through the Sporting Club Grants Program.

The grants provide clubs up to $1000 for new uniforms and equipment, up to $2000 for upskilling coaches, officials and volunteers, and up to $5000 to improve operational effectiveness.

Further, grants of up to $2000 are available to address barriers to Aboriginal participation in sport and active recreation.

These grants help people of all ages and abilities take part in grassroots sport, no matter where they live.

The Sporting Club Grants Program is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to make sport more accessible and inclusive, increase local participation, stimulate local economies, and build sustainable sport and recreation and volunteer opportunities.

For more information on the grants and how to apply, go to the Sporting Club Grants Program page listed below.



• Play for Purpose – The Sports and Charity Raffle

Play For Purpose is an innovative fundraising solution, that rewards both clubs and supporters alike!

This world-first fundraising raffle is free for clubs to participate in, and will give clubs access to large prize pools and a powerful e-commerce technology, with no financial risk.

How it works
1. Play for Purpose is a not-for-profit online raffle. It is free for clubs to sign up!
2. Once a club has signed up, they will be given their very own website to sell the raffle tickets and promote to their supporter base.
3. Supporters can buy tickets for $10 each and a minimum of $5 from every ticket sold will support the club’s charitable sporting projects.
4. There are over 7,500 prizes on offer in the raffle valued at $500,000 – including a top prize valued at $250,000! It’s the ultimate win-win!

Benefits to sporting clubs
• 100% free to fundraise, with zero financial risk
• reduced time and cost of running a traditional raffle
• access to larger, and more exciting prize offerings
• leverage world-class technology and powerful back-end system
• fundraise all year around via regular raffles
• build, collect and maintain supporter database, allowing for a sustainable source of fundraising revenue
• benefit from a high % return with a minimum of 50% from every ticket sale supporting charitable sporting projects

Additional information
Funds raised through Play For Purpose must be used for a charitable sporting project. There are many types of projects that can be charitable, for example if they advance the physical or mental health of the community, improve community facilities or assist disadvantaged or marginalised groups. You can find out more about what is considered a charitable sporting project in the Raffle FAQs.

How to register
To participate in Play For Purpose, clubs must agree to both the terms of the raffle, and to the Australian Sports Foundation grant conditions. It’s free and easy to complete your application at


• Emergency: Sporting and Recreational Equipment

This grant provides assistance to grassroots sport and active recreation clubs and organisations to replace essential sporting or first aid equipment that has been lost or destroyed as a consequence of fire, flood, significant storm event, theft or criminal damage.



• Significant sporting events program

The Significant Sporting Events Program helps sporting, community and event organisations to deliver significant sporting events in Victoria.

Closes: June 30, 2022



• Leader Local Grants

Do you have an idea that you think will make your community a better place to live? Then Leader Local Grants is for you.

Leader Local Grants is looking to help make your community better by bringing small but important projects to life.

In cycle 11, every Leader coverage area will have a grant of $1,000 available for the idea that gets the most votes.

A total of 27 grants will be awarded.




Upcoming grants will be posted here as they become available.