2017 Junior Best and Fairest Awards

Published on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Northern Football League hosted the 2017 Junior Presentation Night on Monday August 14, at La Trobe University’s Union Hall.

The awards night was held just six days before this year’s 25 junior grand finals, which will close out another great year of junior action.

Diamond Creek Junior Football Club was rewarded for a great year on and off the field, winning the NFL Junior Club of the Year award, ahead of finalists Bundoora Park, Kinglake and West Ivanhoe.

Montmorency’s Ruby Panozzo claimed the Lew Hall Award for Demonstrated Club and Community Leadership by a Young Person. She won the award from fellow finalists Ethan Dixon (Hurstbridge) and Brayden Pimperl (Whittlesea).

Laurimar’s Zac Reichert claimed the Northern Knights Under-15 Rookie of the Year, while the NFL representative awards were won by Joel Trudgeon (Under-15A), Riki Kusaka (Under-15B), Ashleigh Snow (Under-15 Girls), Benjamin Fisher (Under-14A) and Riley Mudge (Under-14B).

Dylan Brown was named the Junior Umpire of the Year and Harry Grattidge claimed the Most Promising Junior Umpire Award.

To see all the vote listings from the 2017 junior season, please click on the link below

DOWNLOAD: 2017 NFL Junior Vote Listings

To view and purchase photos from the 2017 Best and Fairest night, please CLICK HERE. Purchased photos will be cropped and tuned for printing.

Congratulations to the following players who were adjudged by the umpires to be the best among their peers in 2017:

Under-13 Blue
1st – Brody Glenn (Laurimar) 24 votes
2nd – Henry Way (Eltham) 21 votes
3rd – Jason McCormick (Eltham) 19 votes

Under-13 Red
1st – Benjamin Ham (Research) 23 votes
2nd – Cooper Harvey (Yarrambat), William O’Dwyer-Richards (Kilmore), Lachlan Watson (Research) 16 votes
3rd – Noah Barnes (Yarrambat), Raff Reichert (Yarrambat) and Reuben Rode (Wallan) 13 votes

Under-13 Green
1st – Hayden Delos (West Preston-Lakeside) 21 votes
2nd – Trent Stavrou (West Preston-Lakeside) and Nicholas Younes (Mill Park) 20 votes
3rd – Oliver Davey (Reservoir), Lachlan Prewett (South Morang) and Paul Vavlitis (Mill Park) 12 votes

Under-14 Blue
1st – Benjamin Fisher (South Morang) 26 votes
2nd – Darcy Stewart (Laurimar) 25 votes
3rd – Noah Dalmau (South Morang) 18 votes

Under-14 Red
1st – Jack Harper (Northcote) 22 votes
2nd – Patrick Dozzi (Research) and Laurence Nardella (West Preston-Lakeside) 20 votes
3rd – Gurnaz Khatra (Mernda) 19 votes

Under-14 Green
1st – Cody Bunworth (Whittlesea) 25 votes
2nd – Jon Magriplis (Keon Park) 21 votes
3rd – Daniel Gikovski (Bundoora Park) 20 votes

Under-14 Girls Blue
1st – Chloe Williams (Northcote) 31 votes
2nd – Ellouise Bishop (Northcote) 20 votes
3rd – Marlo Gardam (Montmorency) 16 votes

Under-14 Girls Red
1st – Heidi Woodley (Kilmore) 30 votes
2nd – Olivia Bandera (Eltham) 20 votes
3rd – Rhianna Kirwen (Diamond Creek Women’s) and Scarlett Ormandy (Darebin) 19 votes

Under-15 Blue
1st – Giacomo Thomas (Research) 33 votes
2nd – Ewan Macpherson (Diamond Creek) 18 votes
3rd – Nathan Barry (Eltham) 17 votes

Under-15 Red
1st – Nikolas Cox (Montmorency) 25 votes
2nd – Connor Miller (Mernda) 23 votes
3rd – Aidan Roberts (Kilmore) 19 votes

Under-16 Blue
1st – Ostinn Bellingham (Greensborough) 24 votes
2nd – Lawrence Lopiccolo (Mill Park) 21 votes
3rd – Ryan Gardner (Montmorency) 20 votes

Under-16 Red
1st – Angus Love (Wallan) 22 votes
2nd – Andrew White (Research) 13 votes
3rd – Ethan Taylor (Diamond Creek) 12 votes

Under-16 Girls
1st – Jasmine Nazir (Yarrambat) 27 votes
2nd – Britney Gutknecht (Laurimar) and Bianca Keogh (Montmorency) 18 votes
3rd – Guilia Ceravolo (South Morang) and Laila Zayat (Diamond Creek Women’s) 17 votes

Under-17 Blue
1st – Blake Murphy (Montmorency) 21 votes
2nd – Rory McGougan (Montmorency) and Cameron Sullivan (Eltham) 13 votes
3rd – Caelan Anderson (Laurimar) 12 votes

Under-17 Red
1st – Kyle Sharp (Research) 16 votes
2nd – Jeremy Topham (Kilmore) 15 votes
3rd – Mitchell Crapper (West Preston-Lakeside) and Jack Snow (West Preston-Lakeside) 13 votes

Under-18 Girls
1st – Bayley Campbell (Greensborough) 27 votes
2nd – Stephanie Yoannidis (Montmorency) 26 votes
3rd – Bailey Schultz (Montmorency) and Mika Suzuki (Yarrambat) 21 votes

Junior Club of the Year
Diamond Creek Junior Football Club

Northern Knights Under-15 Rookie of the Year
Zac Reichert (Laurimar)

Lew Hall Award
Ruby Panozzo (Montmorency)

Most Consistent Representative Player – Under 14B
Riley Mudge (Montmorency)

Most Consistent Representative Player – Under 14A
Benjamin Fisher (South Morang)

Most Consistent Representative Player – Under 15 Girls
Ashleigh Snow (West Preston-Lakeside)

Most Consistent Representative Player – Under 15B
Riki Kusaka (Research)

Most Consistent Representative Player – Under 15A
Joel Trudgeon (Research)

Most Promising Junior Umpire
Harry Grattidge

Junior Umpire of the Year
Dylan Brown

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