Netball Reviews – Round 1

Published on Monday, April 3, 2017

Author : Marisa Sopcic

A review of the Fitzroy Stars 1 vs West Preston-Lakeside 1 and Greensborough 1 vs Heidelberg 1 netball matches from Round 1.

Section 1 Round 1 – Fitzroy Stars 1 vs West Preston-Lakeside 1

Round 1 of the 2017 netball competition saw Fitzroy Stars control three of the four quarters against West Preston-Lakeside at Parade College on Friday night.

West Preston-Lakeside started a player short, allowing the Stars to take an eight-goal lead midway through the first quarter.

Once their missing player took the court, and with a change of positions, they worked to increase their score and remain in the game.

Two strong goals by Lakeside’s shooters kept them in touch, however the defensive work by Fitzroy Stars GK Jessica Bamblett and GD Natarsha Bamblett proved too strong as Lakeside found it difficult to maintain possession within their attacking third.

At half time the Stars pushed ahead holding an eight-goal advantage as their defence proved solid, forcing held balls and turnovers against the Lakeside girls.

Lakeside didn’t give up as they began to make a comeback within the third quarter. Their shooters Jane Scheetz and Nicola Bonin worked hard to convert their shots into goals.

Defenders Emma Farrant and Rebecca McDonagh proved effective on the rebounds and intercepts as the Stars attack begin to lose their strong lead and Lakeside worked to improve on their score.

Lakeside kept improving on their movement of the ball as they built up their confidence, closing the deficit. Three quarter time saw the Stars up 29-25.

The final quarter saw the Stars’ lead trimmed to four goals, however their shooters Tamekah and Thamar Atkinson come out strong when opportunities came their way and shot 12 goals within the quarter.

With four minutes to go in the game Lakeside worked hard to try to force turnovers and bring the ball down to their shooters, however the Stars did well to remain on the ball.

The Fitzroy Stars held their lead and recorded a 42-34 win.

Final score: Fitzroy Stars 1 (42) def West Preston Lakeside 1 (34)

Section 1 Round 1 – Greensborough 1 vs Heidelberg 1

The Friday night match at Parade College between Greensborough 1 and Heidelberg 1 came to a close end with Heidelberg finishing on top after a four-goal split entering the last quarter.

The opening of the match saw Greensborough in the lead after tight work by GK Eilish Flagg and GD Adele Cosma pushed the ball towards Greensborough’s shooters.

Elyse Scheuermann GS and Madison Carroll GA were on target early to give Boro the lead in the first quarter, 15 to Heidelberg’s 10.

Both teams lacked accuracy within their passes throughout the second quarter as intercepts were taken by both sides.

The switch of shooters in the second quarter, introducing Idau Hollis onto the court, gave Heidelberg an instant benefit as they were able to soon match Greensborough’s score.

With the scores tied halfway through the quarter at 18-all, Heidelberg was able to take the lead after a strong finish to the quarter. They went into half time on top with the scores being 23 to 20.

Going into the third quarter with a three-goal difference, Heidelberg shooters Idau Hollis and Lauren Kearney managed to hold the lead against Greensborough by converting most of their shots.

Greensborough lifted their defence and picked up on their pressure causing turnovers and allowing for more shots at goal. Unfortunately they could not convert enough to take the lead and the scores at three quarter time read 37-33, Heidelberg’s way.

Heidelberg kept their lead throughout the last quarter, allowing for them to pull away from Greensborough. With six minutes of the game to go Greensborough could not lessen the four-goal advantage that Heidelberg had set.

Strong defence by Sarah Collard and Flagg allowed for the ball to move down towards Greensborough’s end.

While this tightened the gap within the score, with only three minutes to go Heidelberg sealed the game after taking an intercept off Greensborough’s centre pass.

As Heidelberg took the next centre they scored with 30 seconds left on the clock, making it a win for the Tigers on their return to the netball court.

Final score: Heidelberg 1 (48) def Greensborough 1 (44)

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