Netball Reviews – Round 11

Published on Monday, July 2, 2018

Author : Marisa Sopcic

A review of Round 11 netball action in the Northern Football Netball League.

Section 2 Round 11 – Fitzroy Stars 1 vs Ivanhoe 1
by Marisa Sopcic

Fitzroy Stars 1 claimed a vital victory over Ivanhoe 1 to remain in the top-four on the Section 2 ladder.

A close Round 11 was met with a final quarter showdown between the second and third-place teams.

Quick passes and movement fed the ball into Ivanhoe’s end and gained them three goals early in the first quarter.

Fitzroy was then able to score their first goal and it started a run of conversions, meaning it didn’t take long for the Stars to tie the game.

Fitzroy’s defensive unit worked well together. GK Kate Holzer held strong arms over her opponent’s shot, with GD Brigitte Linares holding her teammate’s dress for support.

However, late in the quarter the Holzer was able to force a miss, before accidentally hitting the ball out on the rebound, which allowed Ivanhoe to feed back in and make the goal.

Just one goal separated the teams at quarter time, with the Stars leading a low-scoring term 6 goals to 5.

An intercept by Ivanhoe’s Eliza Gorman-Jacobs off a centre pass early in the second quarter was taken into the circle where a scored goal levelled the teams at 7-all.

Ivanhoe put up another set of goals to sit in front by three goals heading into half time.

The Stars were able to stay on their heels however, rebounding a defensive ball the ball and scoring at the other end. With final centre pass they were able to push forward and score another goal right before the half-time whistle.

Just one goal in front of the Stars at the main break, Ivanhoe started the second half with the centre pass.

A tough start to the quarter kept teams at level scores. And as the pressure increased so did the speed of play.

Ivanhoe attack had to reset their play after coming in too hot towards the attacking third. Their mid court players Elly McKenzie and Demi Carr began to set up around the circle to allow time for their shooters to move closer towards the ring.

Stars GD Linares had a great quarter and was often the first to the rebound. Late in the term she took a great rebound, before pushing her team into attacked for a goal to take the lead.

With the Stars’, intensity lifting, Ivanhoe began to feel the pressure of the clock weigh down on them.

The Stars took hold of their opposition’s missed shots and pushed ahead by three goals heading into the final quarter.

Ivanhoe was still able find space around the court to pass forward early in the last term, however they found it difficult to move into attacking positions in their goal circle.

The Stars quick and tight defence forced a large amount of pressure, making it hard for Ivanhoe shooters Maddison Seeley and Leanna Sartori to convert when opportunities were presented.

Fitzroy ended up holding sway throughout the fourth quarter, stretching their margin by a further goal to win 26 to 22.

Final score: Fitzroy Stars 1 (26) def Ivanhoe 1 (22)

Section 2 Round 11 – Diamond Creek 2 vs Heidelberg 2
by Marisa Sopcic

Diamond Creek 1 maintained top spot on the Section 2 ladder, defeating Heidelberg 2 convincingly after a strong second half.

Heidelberg kept up with the ladder-leader for the first quarter and held scores down for the most part.

Sitting tied at 2-all, Diamond Creek stole possession as Heidelberg tried to move into the circle.

However, going into the goal circle, Diamond Creek WA Kristie Gannon fell offside, giving Heidelberg another chance to score.

Diamond Creek GD Melissa Whitten blocked the pass coming into goals, stopping Heidelberg’s chance of attempting to take the lead.

The Creekers converted three of the next four goals and with seconds left in the quarter Heidelberg tried to make a quick play towards the circle. Whitten once again read the play well and took an intercept, which started a chain of play that led to a Diamond Creek goal.

Trailing by three goals at quarter time, Heidelberg started the second quarter with a goal after turning the ball over from Diamond Creek’s centre pass.

Body on body defensive pressure by both defensive ends, forced a high amount of turnovers in the second quarter.

Bridget McLaren and Olivia Cross were fed the ball plenty of times throughout the quarter as a result.

However, good defensive pressure from Diamond Creek meant Heidelberg’s shooters couldn’t stick their shots, only making a total of four goals this quarter to trail by six at half time.

The third quarter was largely dominated by Diamond Creek as their defenders Whitten and Simone Turner worked superbly together to hold back their opposition and take control of the game.

Each time Heidelberg made any progress down court, Diamond Creek turned over the ball and were able to transition it down for a goal at their end.

WD Lexie Giannakos moved well around the circle edge to back up her GK on her taps out.

Diamond Creek’s tight defensive work kept Heidelberg to just two goals in the third quarter, with the Creekers moving ahead by 11 goals entering the final quarter.

Their lobs into goals couldn’t be stopped and their defenders forced held balls and turnovers as Heidelberg struggled to enter the goal circle.

The biggest strength for Diamond Creek was the team’s ability to read the flight of the ball and time intercepts for multiple turnovers in the match.

The Creekers didn’t relent in the fourth term, adding a match-best 12 goals for the quarter to run out big winners.

The 19-goal final margin demonstrated why Diamond Creek sits in the top spot of their section heading after 11 rounds.

Final score: Diamond Creek 2 (32) def Heidelberg 2 (13)

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