2021 NFNL Winter Netball – Round 3 Review

Published on Sunday, May 2, 2021

Author : Jessica Miles

Reviews of the Round 3 netball grading matches featuring Fitzroy Stars 1 vs Ivanhoe 1 and Bundoora 1 vs Lalor 1.


Fitzroy Stars 1 established a first-quarter lead and built on it each quarter to take home a 36-24 win over Ivanhoe 1 in the third round of grading for the 2021 winter season.

The Stars had the first centre in the match at La Trobe Stadium, but a perfectly timed jump from Ivanhoe’s goal defence, Grace Markovic, resulted in deflection off their first attempt at goal.

Stars goal keeper Leah Seeto triumphed early, leaving her shooter in the circle to hunt for intercepts in the goal third.

A few early feeding mistakes from the Stars allowed Ivanhoe to take the lead early, with Ivanhoe goal shooter Aysha Blade converting five goals in the first six minutes.

Markovic established her presence early, causing errors for Fitzroy in the circle by maintaining her three feet and defensive body position to deflect and collect bad passes.

Despite a rocky start, Fitzroy were able to capitalise off small errors from Ivanhoe to lead by a goal after the first quarter.

It took four minutes for the first goal of the second quarter to make its way through the hoop, as each team went intercept for intercept until Blade put Ivanhoe on the board.

A new defensive technique for the Stars saw keeper Leah Seeto and goal defence Madelina Nyoul perform a lift in an attempt to change the dynamic of the Ivanhoe shooters.

A crucial deflection by Seeto in keeper allowed Fitzroy to creep ahead with a five-goal lead heading into the second half.

The Ivanhoe shooting circle featured a tough contest between Seeto and Blade, who played body-on-body to receive the ball.

Whilst at the opposite end for the court, Fitzroy were able to slowly creep ahead with four consistent long-range goals from Brigitte Linares in goal attack.

Stars wing attack Lesila Seeto worked seamlessly with her sister Akanisi in goal shooter to convert a total of 11 goals in the third quarter.

Already up by 14 heading into the final quarter, the Stars were met with a determined Ivanhoe as they took to the court.

Ivanhoe centre Georgia Hellyer worked tirelessly down the court to secure loose balls and turn them into come-back opportunities for her team.

A few contests between Lesila Seeto in wing attack for the Stars against Ivanhoe’s wing defence Gabrielle Clark made the final quarter one to remember.

An amazing rebound from Markovic for Ivanhoe in the final minute wasn’t enough to keep her team in the game, as Fitzroy’s lead was too large.

Scoring eight goals in the final quarter, the Stars were able to secure a victory over the relentless Ivanhoe in the third round of winter grading.

Final score: Fitzroy Stars 1 (36) def Ivanhoe 1 (24)


Converting on early turnovers allowed Bundoora 1 to maintain a steady lead throughout their match against Lalor 1 at La Trobe Sports Stadium on Friday night.

An untidy start from the Bloods allowed Bundoora to pick up a loose ball and convert the first goal for the game.

A lack of communication from both teams resulted in numerous dropped balls across court as misplaced passes made their way across the sideline.

Three long range goals from Bulls goal shooter Chloe Wilson allowed the Bundoora side to take the lead as quarter time approached.

Lalor missed a scoring opportunity to convert off a free pass as the siren sounded, giving the Bulls the opportunity to lead by four heading into the second quarter.

Bundoora took to the court fired up in the second term, changing their playing dynamic and passing with speed and precision down the court.

Goal shooter Lauren Pendlebury made her mark on the game, manoeuvring around her opposition to secure lobs under the post for Bundoora.

The Bulls fast style of play was contrasted by a more relaxed approach from the Bloods, who focused on delivering accurate long range passes down court.

A well-timed intercept from Bundoora goal keeper Narelle Draper gave the Bulls a golden scoring opportunity for Pendlebury under the post.

Approaching half time a few misplaced passes to Pendlebury allowed the Bloods to ever so slightly creep back into the game, who trailed Bundoora by five at half time.

Both teams struggled to find their flow at the beginning of the third quarter, meaning the game could go either way in the final 20 minutes.

Quick passes and communication between Bulls shooters Pendlebury and Wilson worked effectively to extend Bundoora’s lead.

A few late calls against Lalor’s shooters allowed the Bulls to stretch their lead to 11 goals as the final quarter approached.

Bloods goal defence Kristin Chelsea defended tirelessly in the final quarter. She maintained a consistent three feet stance and challenging every ball received by Bulls’ goal attack Emily Williams.

The Bulls were able to use Pendlebury’s height under the ring to obtain every rebound and secure their victory, denying the Blood’s any opportunity to edge their way back into the game.

Final score: Bundoora 1 (41) def Lalor 1 (27)

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