2024 Football By-Laws, Schedules & Adopted Policies


2024 NFNL Football By-Laws
2024 Football By-Law and Schedule Changes


Schedule 1
Laws of Australian Football (2024)
Laws of Australian Football (2024) – NFNL Local Rules

Schedule 2
Independent Tribunal Procedures

Schedule 3
Grievance Committee Procedure

Schedule 4
Conciliation Agreement

Schedule 6
Death Notice Policy

Schedule 7
Match Day Checklist (Marsh Insurance)

Schedule 8
Football Officials Role Descriptions

Schedule 9
Alcohol and No Smoking Management Policy

Schedule 13
Privacy Policy

Schedule 15
Match Delay Policy

Schedule 18
Media Policy

Schedule 19

Schedule 20
Football Fine Policy

Schedule 21
Order Off Rule

Schedule 22
Logo Guidelines

Schedule 23
Social Media Policy

Schedule 25
AFL Victoria Player Points System Policy

Schedule 28
AFL Victoria Player Payments Policy

Schedule 29
AFL Victoria Standard Player Declaration

Schedule 30
AFL Victoria Non-Contracted Player Declaration (Not Paid)

Schedule 31
AFL Victoria Player Payment Guidelines

Schedule 32
Junior Football Rule Matrices

Schedule 34
NFNL Medical Overage Exemption Policy

Schedule 35
NFNL Under 18 Girls & Under 19.5 Development Player Policy


Adoption of AFL National Policy Handbook

Refer to Section 3 for…
Player Registration and Transfers

Refer to Section 5 for…
Coach Accreditation

Refer to Section 6 for…
Umpire Accreditation

Refer to Section 7 for…

Refer to Section 8 for…
Gender and Diversity (Participation of Transgender and Non-Binary Players)

Refer to Section 9 for…
Member Protection

Refer to Section 10 for…
Vilification and Discrimination

Refer to Section 11 for…
Safeguarding Children and Young People

Refer to Section 13 for…
Gambling and Match Fixing

Refer to Section 14 for…
Respect and Responsibility

Refer to Section 15 for…

Refer to Section 16 for…
Injury Management

Refer to Section 19 for…

Refer to Section 20 for…
Pregnant Players

Refer to Section 21 for…
Infectious Diseases


NFNL Statement of Purposes


NFNL Statement of Rules
NFNL Statement of Rules Schedule 1 – Affiliated Senior Clubs
NFNL Statement of Rules Schedule 2 – Affiliated Junior Clubs
NFNL Statement of Rules Schedule 3 – Affiliated Netball Clubs
NFNL Statement of Rules Schedule 4 – Conciliation Procedure
NFNL Statement of Rules Schedule 5 – Board Nomination Form
NFNL Statement of Rules Schedule 6 – Notice of Motion for Next Meeting of the League