Netball Reviews – Round 6

Published on Sunday, May 21, 2017

Author : Marisa Sopcic

A review of the South Morang 1 vs North Heidelberg 1 and West Preston-Lakeside 1 vs Heidelberg 1 netball matches from Round 6.

Section 1 Round 6 – South Morang 1 vs North Heidelberg 1

North Heidelberg won its Round 6 match against South Morang convincingly at RMIT in Section 1 action.

The game was close in the first quarter and South Morang looked competitive. The scores were tight at 3-4 halfway through the opening term as WD Michelle Millhouse for South Morang took an intercept and so did GK Bridget Canals.

South Morang tied scores then inched ahead by a couple of goals, with both teams’ defences work tight as they kept pressure on passes and shots. This kept the scores low and close for most of the quarter.

North Heidelberg was able to score in the final seconds of the quarter putting them in front at 10 goals to South Morang’s 8.

The game took a change in pace during the second term as North Heidelberg pushed ahead, controlling play and ball possession.

The Bulldogs gained a larger lead as they worked the ball cleanly to their shooters Casey Barnes and Lauren Byrnes, who pushed their side out to a seven-goal lead early in the quarter.

There were still some strong passages of play made by South Morang, however just couldn’t do it regularly enough to apply enough scoreboard pressure on North Heidelberg.

Leading by nine at half time, North Heidelberg started the third quarter well as WD Sarah Douglas tapped the ball cleverly to GK Lauren Byrens, in a coast to coast play that ended with a goal.

South Morang couldn’t close the difference as attempts to get the ball to their shooters were blocked by North Heidelberg. By three-quarter time the margin was out to 14 goals.

South Morang started off the fourth quarter well with two quick goals by GS Bridget Canals, but a pick up by North’s WD Sarah Douglas gave GA Casey Barnes an opportunity to score.

As the quarter wore on North Heidelberg continued to stretch its as it eventually ran away with a 20-goal win, with the final score 48-28.

The result pushed North Heidelberg to the top of the Section 1 ladder, ahead of Diamond Creek on percentage.

South Morang’s second loss of the season saw it slip to fourth place on the ladder

Final score: North Heidelberg 1 (48) def South Morang 1 (28)

Section 1 Round 6 – West Preston-Lakeside 1 vs Heidelberg 1

West Preston-Lakeside scored its second win of the Section 1 season, downing top-four team Heidelberg by seven goals in Round 1.

Leading by three goals or less at each break of play, it was in the final quarter that West Preston-Lakeside stretched their lead to run away with a 44-37 win.

Heidelberg was left behind in the opening minutes of the game after missing several shooting opportunities, while West Preston-Lakeside capitalised on its chances to reach a 7-2 lead.

The standard of play fell away temporarily as both teams’ mistakes made for some sloppy netball. There were several missed passes, balls thrown directly to opposition players and times when the ball was thrown away into open space.

Heidelberg worked its way back into the game late in the term, closing within a goal with the score 8-7 at quarter time.

The game took a turn in the second quarter despite a low-scoring beginning. Players from both teams moved the ball around their shooting circle more effectively and consistently, giving their shooters more chances at scoring.

It was goal for goal term with West Preston-Lakeside shooters Nicola Bonin and Jane Scheetz going toe-to-toe against Heidelberg shooters Chloe Grimes and Lauren Kearney to see who would take the lead going into the second half.

With scores tied at 18-all for the start of the third quarter, GA Grimes sneakily passed to the post, keeping the ball in court before scoring for Heidelberg.

West Preston-Lakeside was never too far behind, scoring a goal right after. Neither team was able to pull ahead of the other during the third term with never more than three goals separating the teams’ scores.

Strong defensive work by West Preston-Lakeside’s Rebecca McDonagh and Emma Farrant made it hard for the shooters to get around them to score, however Heidelberg still managed to find space passing into shooters to score.

Despite a few obstruction calls go against them, West Preston-Lakeside was still able to put its foot down in the last quarter, with GS Jane Scheetz able to find space in her attacking circle to push her side ahead.

A tight battle all night ended with West Preston-Lakeside pushing ahead to win an important game by seven goals.

The result saw West Preston-Lakeside move up into fifth place on the ladder, while Heidelberg sits third, one win behind the top two.

Final score: West Preston-Lakeside 1 (44) def Heidelberg 1 (37)

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