Netball Reviews – Round 9

Published on Monday, June 19, 2017

Author : Marisa Sopcic

A review of the North Heidelberg 2 vs Ivanhoe 1 and Heat 1 vs Ivanhoe 2 netball matches from Round 9.

Section 2 Round 9: North Heidelberg 2 vs Ivanhoe 1

North Heidelberg 2 dropped to second place on the Section 2 ladder after Ivanhoe 1 caused an upset to end the Bulldogs winning streak in Round 9.

The 41-27 result helped Ivanhoe move up to third place on the ladder with its fourth triumph of the season.

Coming out of the gates, Ivanhoe proved more than competitive as it stayed neck and neck with the side that lead the table after eight rounds.

Defensive pressure by Jessica Dao and Amanda Rothwell-Hiscock of North Heidelberg forced errors upon Ivanhoe as they looked to move the ball into their shooting third.

However, Ivanhoe stayed just as tight, keeping up with North Heidelberg who was held down in its scoring end and as the quarter neared its end the scores remained level.

Both Ivanhoe and North Heidelberg looked determined to end the term on on top but as the second quarter began it was Ivanhoe who took charge.

Ivanhoe moved skilfully around the court, passing the ball with precision to make its way down to the shooters. Maddie Seeley and Leanna Santori gave Ivanhoe its push in front of North Heidelberg, as the two shooters increased their team’s score.

Ivanhoe took a five-goal lead into half-time, however it was North Heidelberg who started the third quarter with confidence as it scored a few goals to cut into the deficit.

The Bulldogs’ defensive pressure forced Ivanhoe to look back into its centre third for options. This caused Ivanhoe to make bad pass decisions and lose possession of the netball.

However, Ivanhoe gradually got back on top, forcing turnovers and getting the netball to its attacking third. By the end of the third term Ivanhoe had opened up a 34-24 advantage.

In the fourth quarter, centre Olivia Marian and WA Ebyan Cabdi worked around the circle to give shooters Seeley and Santori a chance to move in front of their defenders and closer into goals.

North Heidelberg started to crack as its deficit continued to increase. The Bulldogs wasted a turnover by passing directly back to an Ivanhoe player and also missed a number of rebounds which gave Ivanhoe more time with the ball.

While North Heidelberg’s defensive line worked tirelessly to force shooters to pass out and for their attackers to look back, they couldn’t reduce the margin that Ivanhoe had created.

Final scores: Ivanhoe 1 (41) def North Heidelberg 2 (27)

Section 3 Round 9: Ivanhoe 2 vs Heat 1

Heat 1 moved up to first place on the Section 3 ladder after it convincingly defeated Ivanhoe 2 in Round 9.

The first half of the match was very tight before Heat got on top in the second half.

Ivanhoe was first on the board with two goals but Heat kept up the pace and put in its first goal before soon after earning possession from an out ball by Ivanhoe.

Ivanhoe forced the Heat shooters deep in the shooting circle, with the pressure causing Heat GS Michelle Kneale and GA Crystal Phillips to work hard to make position.

The Ivanhoe girls make some solid plays late in the first term, feeding neat passes to their shooters to head into the quarter-time break two goals ahead.

The scoreboard during the second term was just as tight after Heat started the quarter out strongly, scoring two goals to tie the scores.

The Heat girls ran freely around the court, opening up the game as they found empty space all over the court. They took the lead for the first time in the game, however Ivanhoe didn’t let it last too long before it picked up its play again.

With scores tied at 14-apiece, late goals to Kneale and Phillips gave Heat back the lead moving into the second half.

The third quarter was where Heat came together as a team and took truly control of the match.

Defenders Alana Keith and Cassie Wilcox pressured Ivanhoe shooters superbly and started chains of play from their defensive third. This started their side on a shooting streak, getting further ahead while keeping Ivanhoe at bay.

By the end of the third term Heat led 28-18 as Ivanhoe’s shooters struggled to get quality supply into their shooting circle.

The final quarter was again controlled by Heat as Ivanhoe found it difficult to hold onto possession with the amount of intensity Heat put into the game.

Heat’s lead only increased as the game advanced, with Ivanhoe not being able to score more than two goals for the quarter as Heat ran away with a 21-goal win.

Final scores: Heat 1 (41) def Ivanhoe 2 (20)

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