Senior Teams | August 13 – August 14

Published on Friday, August 12, 2022

The selected teams for this week’s NFNL senior football matches are in.

In a massive boost for North Heidelberg, Jhye Baddeley-Kelly and Jesse Tardio will suit up for their must win game over Montmorency. The Bulldogs will miss Brent Harvey while the Magpies make at least six changes with Mitchell Honeychurch and Danko Bzenic amongst the out’s.

Sean Martin and Benjamin Nikolovski will return for Heidelberg for their clash with Macleod with Luke Lirosi and Joshua Iacobaccio coming into West Preston-Lakeside’s squad for their battle with Hurstbridge.

Tynan Smith headlines Greensborough’s inclusions when they host Whittlesea while Daniel Younan returns from injury for Bundoora as they face the bottom placed Northcote Park.

St Mary’s have suffered a big blow with Myles Guldon, Vincent Loccisano and Dillan Ronalds all out of the side for their crunch match with Thomastown. The Burra do bring back Nicholas Daisley while the Bears make two changes with skipper Josh Beare returning.

Banyule have made five changes for their trip to Watsonia with Brent Stanton making his way back into the Bears lineup.

Ryan Pingree returns for Diamond Creek and so too does Lane Sinclair for Eltham.

Both Heidelberg West and Old Eltham Collegians will miss key names for their match on Saturday, with Jordan Bulman missing for the Hawks and Niall Mcdonagh unavailable for the Turtles.

Laurimar will miss Nathan Andrews when they host Lalor meanwhile South Morang have made four changes as Tye Hall and Aaron Lazaric will be unavailable through suspension.

Selected teams for the NFNL Women’s competition have been named ahead of Sunday’s preliminary finals.

Continue below for all the team changes. Click on the links to see the selected teams.


Selected teams: Greensborough vs Whittlesea
Greensborough: IN – Harvey Daniher, Ben Money, Angus Seivers, Tynan Smith; OUT – Josh Caddy, Zak McCubbin, Andrew Stellas, Joel Trudgeon
Whittlesea: IN – Nil; OUT – Taidhg Bland

Selected teams: West Preston-Lakeside vs Hurstbridge
West Preston-Lakeside: IN – Damandeep Aujla, Kobe Brown, Joshua Iacobaccio, Luke Lirosi; OUT – Matthew Belbasis, Mason Bowden, Steven Callanan, Rainier Pezzin, Jake Pulice
Hurstbridge: IN – Samuel House; OUT – Bryce East, Zac Manser

Selected teams: North Heidelberg vs Montmorency
North Heidelberg: IN – Jhye Baddeley-Kelly, Mitchell Dillon, Parker Heatley, Jesse Tardio; OUT – Adam Braendler, Brent Harvey, Brodie Owen, Tanar Peirce
Montmorency: IN – Brock Binion, Alexander Chiocci, Nicholas Green, Joshua Mills, Lachlan O’Brien, Nicolas Uzelac; OUT – Danko Bzenic, Joshua Fell, Bronson Hill, Mitchell Honeychurch, Jackson Jones, Marcus Lentini, Darcy Porter

Selected teams: Heidelberg vs Macleod
Heidelberg: IN – Nathan Honey, Sean Martin, Benjamin Nikolovski, Isaac Wallace; OUT – Stephen Bakos, James Nadalin, Keenan Posar, Matt Schnerring, Kane Veliou
Macleod: IN – John Greenwood, Luke Joyce; OUT – Ryan Bailey, Zac Howell, Chris Long

Selected teams: Bundoora vs Northcote Park
Bundoora: IN – Daniel Younan; OUT – Joshua Collins, Brenton Keating
Northcote Park: IN – Leo Amad, George Dellaportas, Riad Elasmar, Liban Hagi, Joseph Hess; OUT – Michael Amad, Bronik Davies, Benjamin Little, Michael Naldrett, Alastair Punshon, Daniel Tallariti


Selected teams: Watsonia vs Banyule
Watsonia: IN – Quinn Shannon; OUT – Ryan Holroyd
Banyule: IN – Nicholas Biscontin, Kai Davies, Michael Edwards, Mitchell Lovell, Brent Stanton; OUT – Joshua Blake, James Clark, Michael Italia, Bailey Mitchell, Darcy Watt

Selected teams: Diamond Creek vs Fitzroy Stars
Diamond Creek: IN – Matthew Brennan, Ethan Farquhar, Ryan Pingree, Jayden Walker, Declan Williams; OUT – Thomas Bennett, Chris Moloney, Andrew Elward, Hugh Kavanagh, Matthew Lewis
Fitzroy Stars: IN – Christopher Brown, Jordan Proctor; OUT – Luke Close, Yemurraki Egan

Selected teams: Eltham vs Epping
Eltham: IN – Jason McCormick, Lane Sinclair; OUT – Matthew Byron, Jameson Wood
Epping: IN – Dean Bubis, Tarkin Kunelius, Alexander Tofful; OUT – Alec Buchan, Jaedyn Kearney, Daniel Rakhlin

Selected teams: Lower Plenty vs Panton Hill
Lower Plenty: IN – Laurie Naismith, Liam Riley, Andrew White; OUT – Brent Lynch, Nathan Lynch, Hudson Young
Panton Hill: IN – Brody Tickell; OUT – Liam White

Selected teams: St Mary’s vs Thomastown
St Mary’s: IN – Nicholas Daisley, Rory Hanlon, Riley O’Sullivan; OUT – Myles Guldon, Vincent Loccisano, Dillan Ronalds
Thomastown: IN – Josh Beare, Thomas Gioskos; OUT – Tyrone Leonardis, Salvatore Mamone


Selected teams: Old Eltham Collegians vs Heidelberg West
Old Eltham Collegians: IN – Nathan Byatt, Jack Fitzgerald, David Nelson, Eden Simpson, Lachlan Smith, Jack Snow; OUT – Daniel Cartisano, Benjamin Cox, Clay Crimmins, Benjamin Gill, Niall Mcdonagh, Matthew Quinton
Heidelberg West: IN – Samuel McDowell, Ayman O’Dowd, Daniel Offer, Daniel Walters; OUT – Jordon Bulman, Brodie Burfitt, Michael Celestin

Selected teams: Kilmore vs Reservoir
Kilmore: IN – Jake Beattie, Emmett Clark, Max Lacorcia, Mathew Lawson; OUT – Peter de Sousa, Michael McCulloch, Scott Swindells, Marcus Webb
Reservoir: IN – Brendan Maloney, Dylan Moulton, Liam Smith, Matthew Verduci, Linden Young; OUT – Dylan Bryce, Noah Diana, Austin MacDonald, Nelson MacDonald, Zane Pugliese-Thompson

Selected teams: Laurimar vs Lalor
Laurimar: IN – Zane Darrington, Bailey Macleod, Harley Marsh, Noah Mooney, Micah Vecchio; OUT – Nathan Andrews, Matthew Gersh, Harrison Mooney, Walker Racovalis, Jayden Wendt
Lalor: IN – Joseph Bianco, Kai Di Mauro, Nathan Haynes, Jonathan Hinsley, Jadyn Kondinski, Jonathon McCumber-Kelly, Augustus Polidano, Blake Polidano, Thomas Sulyok, Andrew Tyrrell, Adrian Zaccari; OUT – Nicholas Anastasi, Jarryd Baldasso, Justin Bentley, Jaidyn Curzi, Ned Hawkins, Christian Pisano, Raymond Poulton, Scott Sandy, Nadem Taha, Jodeci Tawhai, Peter Tewhaiti

Selected teams: South Morang vs Mernda
South Morang: IN – Nathan Bell, Liam Failla, Deacon Kalpakis, Daniel Lansfield; OUT – Tye Hall, James Hewson, Aaron Lazaric, Nicholas Poursanidis
Mernda: IN – Matthew Bawden, Matthew Golledge, Blake Harris, Kai Turner; OUT – Thanasi Gessas, Dayne Kellett, Jacob Russell, Kyle Yankos


Selected Teams: West Preston-Lakeside 1 vs Darebin 1
Sunday 2:00pm at Preston City Oval


Selected Teams: St Mary’s vs Banyule
Sunday 12:00pm at Preston City Oval


Selected Teams: Hurstbridge vs West Preston-Lakeside 2
Sunday 10:30am at Preston City Oval

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