Senior Teams | July 2

Published on Friday, July 1, 2022

The selected teams for this week’s NFNL senior football matches are in.

All senior men’s teams are permitted to select a 23rd Player for this weekend’s matches. The 23rd Player must be an under-19 eligible player and can’t have previously played more than two senior games.

Joel Trudgeon returns for Greensborough in their huge Melbourne Greyhounds Division 1 clash with Montmorency, the Magpies welcome back Lin Jong.

Ned McKeown returns from injury in time for Macleod’s important match with Hurstbridge while Northcote Park will be without trio Jordan Perry, Jordan Schroder and Daniel Tallariti when they face North Heidelberg.

Both captains return for Whittlesea and West Preston-Lakeside in their battle, with Xavier Dimasi and Nathan Valladares joining their respective squads.

Speaking of captain’s, Eltham will welcome back co-captain Jackson Weatherald for their important MC Labour Division 2 clash with Thomastown but the Panthers won’t have their other co-captain in Darcy Vallance at their disposal.

Alden Meale and Ciaran Porter return for Lower Plenty in their top five shaping match with Banyule, who will include Jacob Mitchell.

Jake Dambrauskas returns for St Mary’s when they take on a Fitzroy Stars line up which has made five changes, headlined by the inclusion of Nathan Lovett-Murray.

In Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3, Old Eltham Collegian’s have received some much needed reinforcements, with trio Mathew Crooks, Nicholas Milne and Eden SImpson all returning for the Turtles’ battle with Laurimar.

Leigh Irons comes back for Kilmore in their vital match with Heidelberg West, but the Blues will be missing Bailey Taylor-Egan.

Continue below for all the team changes. Click on the links to see the selected teams.


Selected teams: Hurstbridge vs Macleod
Hurstbridge: IN – Bailey Jordan, Samuel House, Cooper Perrin; OUT – William Cookson, Nicholas Kent, Sean Smith; 23rd Player – Liam Karakaltchev
Macleod: IN – Shaun Lumsden, Ned McKeown; OUT – Jack Bianchin, Brad Leggett; 23rd Player – Dylan Brizzi

Selected teams: Greensborough vs Montmorency
Greensborough: IN – Benjamin Fisher, Benjamin Ham, Joel Trudgeon; OUT – Daniel Ferronato, Deakin Lawler, Ben Pannam; 23rd Player – Will McFawn
Montmorency: IN – Billy Jenkin, Lin Jong; OUT – Ryan Gardner, Darcy Porter; 23rd Player – Brock Binion

Selected teams: North Heidelberg vs Northcote Park
North Heidelberg: IN – Nil; OUT – Nil; 23rd Player – Kyle Jarman
Northcote Park: IN – Leo Amad, George Dellaportas, Joseph Hess, Alexander Phokos; OUT – Joshua Byron, Jordan Perry, Jordan Schroder, Daniel Tallariti; 23rd Player – Koebe Pfeiffer

Selected teams: Heidelberg vs Bundoora
Heidelberg: IN – Zane Barzen, Matt Schnerring, Kellan Smith, Jordan Sutterby, Isaac Wallace; OUT – Stephen Bakos, Jess Gedi, Matthew McInerney, Charlie Robinson, Kane Veliou; 23rd Player – Ryan Howarth
Bundoora: IN – Jai Burns, Ryan Sturgess; OUT – Jackson Bowne, Bailey Thompson; 23rd Player – Cooper Scott

Selected teams: Whittlesea vs West Preston-Lakeside
Whittlesea: IN – Xavier Dimasi; OUT – Liam Tyrrell; 23rd Player – Mark Pegoraro
West Preston-Lakeside: IN – Luke Lirosi, Nathan Valladares; OUT – Cooper Shoebridge, Aaron Tsarouhas; 23rd Player – Hayden Delos


Selected teams: Panton Hill vs Epping
Panton Hill: IN – Nil; OUT – Nil; 23rd Player – TBC
Epping: IN – Dean Bubis, Thomas Burnside, Jackson Freebairn, Clark Sloan; OUT – Bailey Caldow, Jake Cullen, Travis Holmberg, Daniel Rakhlin; 23rd Player – TBC

Selected teams: Watsonia vs Diamond Creek
Watsonia: IN – Benjamin McKenzie; OUT – Daniel Gervasoni, Kyle Kemp; 23rd Player – Toby Berardi
Diamond Creek: IN – Andrew Elward; OUT – Liam O’Brien; 23rd Player – Thomas Baird

Selected teams: Thomastown vs Eltham
Thomastown: IN – Christian Toppi; OUT – Michael Tabacco; 23rd Player – TBC
Eltham: IN – Jason McCormick, Cameron Sullivan, Jackson Weatherald; OUT – Sean Desmond, Liam Rushton-McCoach, Darcy Vallance; 23rd Player – Oscar Berry

Selected teams: Lower Plenty vs Banyule
Lower Plenty: IN – Jasper Collins, Alden Meale, Laurie Naismith, Ciaran Porter; OUT – James Elliott, Brent Lynch, Brixton Timewell, Andrew White; 23rd Player – Jarred Coutts
Banyule: IN – Christian Farchione, Jacob Mitchell; OUT – James Clark, Joshua Jackson; 23rd Player – Ted Meehan

Selected teams: St Mary’s vs Fitzroy Stars
St Mary’s: IN – Jake Dambrauskas, Lachlan Potter; OUT – Mitchell Hocking, Riley O’Sullivan; 23rd Player – Joshua Carelli
Fitzroy Stars: IN – Luke Close, Phillip Fenton, Jack Kesper, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Jordan Proctor; OUT – Cory Glass, Ashley Hood, Jaidyn King, Dewan Mackin, Coree Thorpe; 23rd Player – TBC


Selected teams: Reservoir vs Mernda
Reservoir: IN – Dylan Bryce, Daniel Cole, Nelson MacDonald, William Parrello, Damien Petricciani, Zane Pugliese-Thompson; OUT – Samuel Carew-Reid, Noah Diana, Thomas Harrington, Aaron Jenner, Thomas Service, Jack Smith; 23rd Player – TBC
Mernda: IN – Thanasi Gessas, Nathan Jerrard, Lucas Vasilevski; OUT – Matthew Bawden, Nicholas Eades, Kyle Yankos; 23rd Player – TBC

Selected teams: Heidelberg West vs Kilmore
Heidelberg West: IN – Ricardo Barra, Michael Celestin, Hayden Chapman, Liam Patterson; OUT – Luke McGennisken, Billy Wright; 23rd Player – TBC
Kilmore: IN – Leigh Irons, Stephen McIntyre, Alexander Vasilevski; OUT – Marcus Lacorcia, Hayden Phillips, Bailey Taylor-Egan; 23rd Player – Ethan Fitzpatrick

Selected teams: Lalor vs South Morang
Lalor: IN – Ned Hawkins, Jarrod Langborne, Paddy McDermott, Levi Rowe, Scott Sandy; OUT – Matthew Baker, Justin Bentley, Matthew Cooper, Jadyn Kondinski, Jonathon McCumber-Kelly, Jediah Te Whaiti; 23rd Player – TBC
South Morang:
IN – Tye Hall; OUT – Trent Harvey; 23rd Player – Jay Kociski

Selected teams: Laurimar vs Old Eltham Collegians
Laurimar: IN – Ethan Frawley, Nicholas Storer; OUT – James Apted, Brayden Burgess; 23rd Player – Zac Davies
Old Eltham Collegians: IN – Mathew Crooks, Nicholas Milne, Eden Simpson; OUT – Joshua Hanley, David Nelson, Thomas O’Neill; 23rd Player – TBC

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