Senior Teams | May 6-May 8

Published on Friday, May 6, 2022

The selected teams for this week’s NFNL senior football matches are in.

Bundoora have brought in a quartet of stars for their Melbourne Greyhounds Division 1 clash against Whittlesea, with Sam Lloyd, Hamish Shepheard and David Zaharakis all being named to play while former Melbourne defender Neville Jetta will play his first game for the Bulls.

Michael Ryan’s side will be without Bailey Thompson and Jackson Davies when they face an Eagles team who are welcoming back Paul Higgins and Jaron Murphy but will lose Mitchell Andrews as well as both Samuel and Thomas Indian and Jake and Mitchell Wild.

Thomas Brindley will miss for Greensborough when they host Northcote Park, the Cougars will be without Jordan Schroder.

Brayden Sier will miss his first game of the season for Heidelberg, while their opponents North Heidelberg will welcome back Charles Le Fanu despite losing the likes of Brent Harvey, Douglas Morris and Brandon Bailey.

Max Dreher and Joshua Iacobaccio will be welcome additions to West Preston-Lakeside’s squad when they face Macleod, while Montmorency will lose some big names in Marcus Lentini and Liam Wale-Buxton when they visit Hurstbridge, although Bronson Hill will return for the Magpies.

Health and safety protocols have hit Thomastown this weekend, with the Bears forced to make at least five changes in their big MC Labour Division 2 clash with Lower Plenty.

Daniel Caruso and Michael Tabacco are some of the names listed as out, however in a big boost for Thomastown, Daniel Bramich, Anthony Capeci and Matthew Vasilevski will all return.

Lower Plenty lose Ben Paterson to injury but will bring in Billy Reardon.

Andrew Hood and Nathan Lovett-Murray will both miss for the Fitzroy Stars when they host Watsonia, the Saints themselves will be without Jacob Pickett.

Both Simon and Thomas Carafa will be unavailable for St Mary’s in their battle with Diamond Creek, but Jake Dambrauskas will play his first game of the year for the Burra. Hugh Kavanagh returns to the Diamond Creek line up but James Marchbank will miss.

James Kayrooz and Mitchell Lovell will be important inclusions for Banyule’s trip to Panton Hill, while for Eltham, Michael Still will make his first appearance of the season and will be joined by Bailey Taglieri and Anton Woods back into the Panthers line up. Robert Hyde’s men will however be without Jackson Weatherald and Daniel Horsfeld when they play Epping on Saturday.

Daniel Offer make’s his return to the Heidelberg West side, he’s one of six changes for the Hawks’ Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3 battle against Laurimar.

Both South Morang and Kilmore will lose big names in their intriguing battle at Mill Park Lakes Reserve.

The Lions will welcome back Matthew Robinson but Liam Failla and Nathan Stefanile will be unavailable, while for Kilmore, Coaches MVP award leader Bailey Taylor-Egan will be out, as well as Hayden Phillips, although in a positive for the Blues, Chris Ryall will be an important inclusion.

Tom Rogers will miss for Old Eltham Collegians in their clash with Lalor while Anthony Bradford, Ryan Bongetti and Joshua Mazzarella all return for Mernda’s match against Reservoir, with veteran Joshua Delaney making his first appearance for the Demons in season 2022.

Selected teams for the NFNL Women’s competition will be named in the lead-up to Sunday’s matches.

Continue below for all the team changes. Click on the links to see the selected teams.


Selected teams: Hurstbridge vs Montmorency
Hurstbridge: IN – Nil; OUT – Nil
Montmorency: IN – Jacob Bedrac, Bronson Hill, Kyle Kankaanpaa, Nicolas Uzelac; OUT – Patrick Dozzi, Marcus Lentini, Lachlan O’Brien, Jordan Steele, Liam Wale-Buxton

Selected teams: Greensborough vs Northcote Park
Greensborough: IN – Benjamin Ham; OUT – Thomas Brindley
Northcote Park: IN – Ayui Makiemg, Alexander Phokos, Alastair Punshon; OUT – Lachlan Boscarini, Liam McErlain, Jack Sammartino, Jordan Schroder

Selected teams: West Preston-Lakeside vs Macleod
West Preston-Lakeside: IN – Max Dreher, Joshua Iacobaccio, Makhoul Zakkour; OUT – Damandeep Aujla, Isaac Constantinidis, Zac McDonald
Macleod: IN – Jacob Smith, Mitchell Tsaparis; OUT – James Williams, Liam Williams

Selected teams: Heidelberg vs North Heidelberg
Heidelberg: IN – Nil; OUT – Brayden Sier
North Heidelberg: IN – Joshua Doherty, Nicholas Graham, Charles Le Fanu, Kye Maher; OUT – Brandon Bailey, Adam Braendler, Brent Harvey, Douglas Morris, Zachary Reichert

Selected teams: Bundoora vs Whittlesea
Bundoora: IN – Neville Jetta, Sam Lloyd, Jacob Maynes, Hamish Shepheard, David Zaharakis; OUT – Nate Caddy, James Condello, Jackson Davies, Riley Gaylard, Joel Lamotte, Bailey Thompson
Whittlesea: IN – Harry Beattie, Clancy Bland, Paul Higgins, Jack Maruff, Jaron Murphy; OUT – Mitchell Andrews, Samuel Indian, Thomas Indian, Jake Wild, Mitchell Wild


Selected teams: Panton Hill vs Banyule
Panton Hill: IN – Stefan Klepp; OUT – Benjamin Donehue, Isaac Silic
Banyule: IN – James Kayrooz, Mitchell Lovell; OUT – Joshua Jackson, oshua Page, Lachlan Turner

Selected teams: Epping vs Eltham
Epping: IN – Daniel Hoysted, Tarkin Kunelius; OUT – Matthew Centofanti, Kade Lawry, Jordan Wilkins
Eltham: IN – Michael Still, Bailey Taglieri, Anton Woods; OUT – Luke De Goldi, Daniel Horsfield, Jason McCormick, Jackson Weatherald

Selected teams: Lower Plenty vs Thomastown
Lower Plenty: IN – Billy Reardon; OUT – Ben Paterson, Harvey Trippett
Thomastown: IN – Marcus Arico, Daniel Bramich, Anthony Capeci, Sashe Spiroski, Christian Toppi, Matthew Vasilevski; OUT – Harrison Bugden, Daniel Caruso, Bailey Grioli, Ross Hatzis, Jordan Nguyen, Nicholas Schade, Michael Tabacco

Selected teams: Fitzroy Stars vs Watsonia
Fitzroy Stars: IN – Jye Brennan, Edward Hayden, Taj Proctor; OUT – Jake Glass, Andrew Hood, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Ken Priestley
Watsonia: IN – Spencer Briggs, Jamie Haber, Charbel Khoury, Regan Lockhart; OUT – Kyle Kemp, Jack Larkin, Jacob Pickett, Ben Sutherland, Bailey Van Zwienen

Selected teams: St Mary’s vs Diamond Creek
St Mary’s: IN – Jake Dambrauskas, Adam Lucci, Joel Wesley; OUT – Simon Carafa, Thomas Carafa, Jarrod Carty
Diamond Creek: IN – Thomas Bennett, Andrew Elward, Hugh Kavanagh; OUT – Aaron Hay, James Marchbank, Jayden Walker, Joel Woods


Selected teams: Lalor vs Old Eltham Collegians
Lalor: IN – Corey-James Bennett, James Carroll, Dylan Cawsey, Jaidyn Curzi, Daniel Ray, Levi Rowe, Joshua Sanchez; OUT – Dean Angelkoski, Ned Hawkins, Jhdara Jones, Jake Longbourne, Christian Scaffidi, Kane Toronis, Thomas Venezia
Old Eltham Collegians: IN – Clay Crimmons, Lachlan Smith; OUT – Troy Jinnette, Tom Rogers

Selected teams: Laurimar vs Heidelberg West
Laurimar: IN – Alisdair Jackson, William Jacovou; OUT – Cooper Cusinato, Luke Jackson, Nicholas Storer
Heidelberg West: IN – Jordan Allen, Hayden Chapman, Nicholas  Kennan, Tom Kimpton, Daniel Offer, Matthew Reinke; OUT – Jake Chiminello, Tim Gleeson, Marcus Hill, Harley Mozdzierz, Jordan Vellios, Daniel Walters

Selected teams: South Morang vs Kilmore
South Morang: IN – Deacon Kalpakis, Matthew Robinson, Louis Scmiedel; OUT – Liam Failla, Samuel Hutton, Aaron Lazaric, Nathan Stefanile
Kilmore: IN – Ciaran Barton, Daniel Matthew, Michael McCulloch, Chris Ryall; OUT – Mark Cameron, Liam Monaghan, Hayden Phillips, Jordan Sullivan, Bailey Taylor-Egan

Selected teams: Mernda vs Reservoir
Mernda: IN – Anthony Bradford, Ryan Bongetti, Joshua Delaney, Joshua Mazzarella, Kyle Yankos; OUT – Nicholas Eades, Joel Harris, Nathan Jerrard, Edward Mills, Nathan Taylor
Reservoir: IN – Peter Back, Eamonn Maloney; OUT – Luke Bezzina, Jack Mansfield


Selected Teams: Darebin 1 vs Montmorency 1
Sunday 3:00pm at A.H. Capp Reserve

Selected Teams: Greensborough vs West Preston-Lakeside 1
Sunday 3:00pm at Greensborough War Memorial Park

Selected Teams: Lower Plenty-Bundoora vs VU Western Spurs
Sunday 3:00pm at Montmorency Park South Oval

Selected Teams: Heidelberg 1 vs Diamond Creek Women’s 1
Sunday 4:45pm at Warringal Park


Selected Teams: Eltham vs Montmorency 2
Friday 7:00pm at Eltham Central Park

Selected Teams: Diamond Creek Women’s 2 vs Darebin 2
Sunday 3:00pm at Plenty Park Oval

Selected Teams: Whittlesea vs St Mary’s
Sunday 3:00pm at Whittlesea Showgrounds

Selected Teams: Banyule vs Fitzroy Stars
Sunday 5:00pm at Beverley Road Oval


Selected Teams: Hurstbridge vs Laurimar
Sunday 3:00pm at Ben Frilay Oval

Selected Teams: West Preston-Lakeside 2 vs Heidelberg 2
Sunday 3:00pm at J.E. Moore Park

Selected Teams: Mernda vs Wallan
Sunday 3:00pm at Waterview Recreation Reserve

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