Senior Teams – May 6

Published on Friday, May 5, 2017

The senior teams for this week’s NFL matches.

All senior teams are this weekend permitted to play a 23rd Player. The 23rd Player must be an under-19 player who has not previously played more than three senior games.

Heidelberg regains Shaun Huy but will be without Marcus Marigliani and Ben Cosgriff for its trip to Ben Frilay Oval to take on Hurstbridge. The Bridges have included Sean Jellie.

Greensborough has made a host of changes for its clash with Macleod at De Winton Park. Skipper Tristan Stead is among six inclusions.

Eltham has lost Bradyn Taglieri for its home match against Northcote Park, although the Cougars will be without Jackson Starcevich and Marty Hore who have both been named in Collingwood’s VFL team.

Shaun Gannon and Mathew Stokes are among four inclusions for West Preston-Lakeside ahead of its game against Whittlesea. The Eagles regain 2016 best and fairest Jai Robinson and ruckman Sam Peet.

Meanwhile, Danny Younan returns for Bundoora for its twilight match at Montmorency.

In A Plus Labour Solutions Division 2, North Heidelberg regains Jesse and Brody Tardio for its home match against Thomastown. The Bears will be without injured key forward Jacob Osei-Duro.

Elsewhere, Watsonia ruckman Matthew Crawford returns for his side’s trip to Lalor.

In Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3, South Morang has added Daniel Caruso and Ben Power to its side for its top-of-the ladder clash with Banyule.

Michael Costanzo returns for St Mary’s, while Epping will be without Alec Buchan for its home clash against Mernda.

Continue below for all the new players and team changes. Click on the links to see the selected teams.

Meadows Greyhounds Division 1

Selected teams: Hurstbridge vs Heidelberg
Hurstbridge: IN – Bryce East, Mitchell Hymus, Sean Jellie; OUT – Aidan Clarke, Broderick Dawson; 23rd Player – Bryce East
Heidelberg: IN – Liam Daniels, Shaun Huy, Isaac Silic; OUT – Ben Cosgriff, Marcus Marigliani; 23rd Player – Jordan Sutterby

Selected teams: Macleod vs Greensborough
Macleod: IN – Hayden Manuel; OUT – Ned Mabon; 23rd Player – N/A
Greensborough: IN – Nick Beames, Corey Cogan, John Pritchard, Ben Money, Tristan Stead, Brody Tickell; OUT – Matt Fowler, Josh Grubb, Jacob Ireland, James Love, Josh Riddle; 23rd Player – Nick Beames

Selected teams: Eltham vs Northcote Park
Eltham: IN – Brandon Freeman, Ben Montanaro, James Reid; OUT – Adam Brovedani, Bradyn Taglieri; 23rd Player – Ben Montanaro
Northcote Park: IN – Justin Chilcott, Dylan Cudmore, Mick O’Connell, Matthew Parazzola; OUT – Marty Hore (Collingwood VFL), Jackson Starcevich (Collingwood VFL); 23rd Player – Matthew Parazzola

Selected teams: West Preston-Lakeside vs Whittlesea
West Preston-Lakeside: IN – Shaun Gannon, Luke McKenna, Mark Skaf, Mathew Stokes; OUT – Ali Fahour (suspended), Niall McDonagh, Kyle Simpson; 23rd Player – Mark Skaf
Whittlesea: IN – Joshua Eid, Sam Peet, Jai Robinson, Dale Saddington; OUT – Tim Atkins, Nicholas Pupillo, Clark Sloan; 23rd Player – Josh Eid

Selected teams: Montmorency vs Bundoora
Montmorency: IN – Kye Declase, Alex Potter; OUT – Mark Deaves, Brett Zorzi; 23rd Player: N/A
Bundoora: IN – Luke Shorten, Daniel Younan; OUT – James Lord; 23rd Player – Luke Shorten

A Plus Labour Solutions Division 2

Selected teams: Diamond Creek vs Lower Plenty
Diamond Creek: IN – Josh Lorey, Hamish McDonald, Robby Noble; OUT – Dion Fleming, Ryan Pingree; 23rd Player – Robby Noble
Lower Plenty: IN – Jordan Jackson; OUT – Liam Riley; 23rd Player – N/A

Selected teams: Lalor vs Watsonia
Lalor: IN – Mitchell Henwood, Nathan Kelly, Daniel Ray, Dean Thomas; OUT – Tom Bonson, Spencer Christopher, Daniel Fernandez; Benjamin Gibson; 23rd Player – Brad Johnstone
Watsonia: IN – Ben Anderson, Matthew Crawford, Michael Paske; OUT – Jamie Haber, James Latross; 23rd Player – Kelby White

Selected teams: North Heidelberg vs Thomastown
North Heidelberg: IN – Kyle McDonald, Corey McKay, Brock Perichon, Brody Tardio, Jesse Tardio; OUT – Luke Annett, Leigh Bentley, Jackson Jones, Bradley Kairouz; 23rd Player – Brock Perichon
Thomastown: IN – Ali Khalil, Adrian Pappas, Sashe Spiroski, Benjamin Talevski
OUT – Nicholas Horman, Jacob Osei-Duro, Declan Paras; 23rd Player – Ali Khalil

Selected teams: Fitzroy Stars vs Panton Hill
Fitzroy Stars: IN – Josh Wanganeen; OUT – Gary Mongta; 23rd Player – N/A
Panton Hill: IN – Matthew Hunt, Chris McCabe, Dylan Rowe; OUT – Matthew Byron, Daniel Freeman, Bailin Searle; 23rd Player – N/A

Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3

Selected teams: Reservoir vs Kilmore
Reservoir: IN – Lucas Boucher, Jacob Bryant, Fabian Ottaviani-Giammarco, Raymond Poulton, Joseph Spicuglia, Sio Tupou, Sean Webster; OUT – Daniel Arnold, Casey Brown, Jye Collins, Ryan Docherty, Eric Edwards, Nathan Mittica, Matthew Velthuis; 23rd Player – N/A
Kilmore: IN – Brandon Austin, Michael Marrett, Joshua Robertson, Marcus Webb; OUT – Liam Bradshaw, Matthew Bulluss, Nicholas Ferris, Luke Gallina; 23rd Player – N/A

Selected teams: Epping vs Mernda
Epping: IN – Lewis Harry, Corey Middleton; OUT – Alec Buchan, Andrew Luzza; 23rd Player – N/A
Mernda: IN – Michael Aparo, Ryan Gething; OUT – Joel Carter; 23rd Player – Danny-Lee Rigby

Selected teams: Banyule vs South Morang
Banyule: IN – James Clark, Sean Downes, Brandon Henness; OUT – James Allery, Lewis Balcombe; 23rd Player – Sean Downes
South Morang: IN – Bailey Brown, Daniel Caruso, Nick Johnston, Brad Kinnane, Ben Power; OUT – Lachlan Buckley, Jesse Inzillo, Nader Nasra, Wayne Pavitt; 23rd Player – Bailey Brown

Selected teams: St Mary’s vs Laurimar
St Mary’s: IN – Michael Costanzo, Jake Johnston, Luke Shaw, Ricky Wait; OUT – Joel Buckley, Zac Johnston, Jackson Wolczko; 23rd Player – Ricky Wait
Laurimar: IN – Caelan Anderson, Bryce Kotas, Kieran McMillan, Leigh Murphy; OUT – Cody Cullinan, Trent O’Rourke, Lance Whitnall; 23rd Player – Bryce Kotas


Photo by Jarryd Strafford

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