Senior Teams | June 17 – June 19

Published on Friday, June 17, 2022

The selected teams for this week’s NFNL senior football matches are in.

Greensborough will unveil new signing Josh Caddy in their Melbourne Greyhounds Division 1 clash with Hurstbridge. The two time AFL premiership player will be joined by Tom Bell as inclusions for the Bridges game.

Patrick Fitzgerald returns for Montmorency in their game with Northcote Park, the Cougars will be without Jordan Schroder.

Bundoora will welcome back Neville Jetta and Hamish Shepheard amongst four changes for the Bulls when they take on West Preston-Lakeside, Jackson Bowne and Jacob Townsend will be unavailable.

Whittlesea have made five changes for their match with Heidelberg, outgoing playing assistant coach Jarrad Waite headlining the out’s for the Eagles.

Banyule have made six changes in their MC Labour Division 2 battle with Panton Hill, the Bears bringing in Michael Italia and Kye Yodgee but will be missing Reuben Blackmore-Moore, Devin McDonald and Brent Stanton.

David Mennen will make his debut for Diamond Creek after spending the first few months of the season with Whittlesea. Jai Norman also returns for the Creekers in their clash with Thomastown while the Bears have named big man Jarryd Coulson.

Alec Buchan and Leigh Judd will be important inclusions for Epping in their must win game against the Fitzroy Stars, with Stars’ playing coach Lionel Proctor returning to the field and headlining the six additions to his side.

Lower Plenty will be bolstered by the return of Tom Keys and Joshua Turner for their big battle with Eltham, but the Bears will miss Billy Barden through injury.

Watsonia will miss key players in their ‘eight-point’ game with St Mary’s. The Saints will be without captain Ben Sutherland or leading goalkicker Kyle Wheatley.

In Heidelberg Golf Club Division 3, Laurimar captain Mitchell Thompson will miss the Power’s match with Reservoir while Allan Young returns for Heidelberg West when they face Old Eltham Collegians.

South Morang will welcome back Jake Potter and Nathan Stefanile for their intriguing top four clash with Kilmore while Joshua Mazzarella headlines the inclusions for Mernda when they host Lalor.

Selected teams for the NFNL Women’s competition will be named in the lead-up to Sunday’s matches.

Continue below for all the team changes. Click on the links to see the selected teams.


Selected teams: Northcote Park vs Montmorency
Northcote Park: IN – Ayui Makiemg, Alastair Punshon, Janus Waldron; OUT – Lachlan Boscarini, Jack Sammartino, Jordan Schroder
Montmorency: IN – Patrick Fitzgerald, Ben Walton; OUT – William Golds, Billy Jenkin

Selected teams: Greensborough vs Hurstbridge
Greensborough: IN – Thomas Bell, Josh Caddy, Deakin Lawler, Jake Rowe; OUT – Ryan Garrard, Matthew Haynes, Angus Seivers, Joel Trudgeon
Hurstbridge: IN – Dayne Middleton, Riley Reading; OUT – Trent Barbero, Bailey Jordan

Selected teams: Heidelberg vs Whittlesea
Heidelberg: IN – Zane Barzen, Mackenzie Hogg; OUT – Kellan Smith, Isaac Wallace
Whittlesea: IN – Clancy Bland, Riley Dyson, Deakin Tennant, Liam Tyrrell, Jake Wild; OUT – Max Dyson, Thomas Indian, Cameron Wild, Jarrad Waite, Blake Watson

Selected teams: Bundoora vs West Preston-Lakeside
Bundoora: IN – Scott Dowell, Neville Jetta, David Mitchell, Hamish Shepheard; OUT – Jackson Bowne, Brendan Carlyon, Nathan Howard, Jacob Townsend
West Preston-Lakeside: IN – Carl Adams, Malik Elfakahani, Cooper Shoebridge, Adam Valeri, Daniel Valeri; OUT – Kobe Brown, Christopher McCabe, Joel McDonald, Peter Papahronis, Nathan Valladares


Selected teams: Banyule vs Panton Hill
Banyule: IN – Patrik Della Rocca, Michael Italia, Bailey Neilson, Luke Pantalone, Oliver Stapleton, Kye Yodgee; OUT – Reuben Blackmore-Moore, Liam Chambers, Christian Farchione, Devin McDonald, Jacob Mitchell, Brent Stanton
Panton Hill: IN – John Pritchard, Isaac Silic; OUT – Riley Cousins, Alex D’Amico

Selected teams: Diamond Creek vs Thomastown
Diamond Creek: IN – Matthew Brennan, David Mennen, Jai Norman; OUT – Ryan Donaldson, Kane Murfett, Max Whalley
Thomastown: IN – Jarryd Coulson, Marcus Fox, Cory Giannone, Adrian Natoli; OUT – Daniel Bramich, Jackson Hayse, Peter Schiavone, Sashe Spiroski

Selected teams: Epping vs Fitzroy Stars
Epping: IN – Alec Buchan, Joseph Eiszele, Leigh Judd, Omar Mustafa, Joshua Sims; OUT – Jackson Freebairn, Tarkin Kunelius, Kyle Lamprey, Liam Webb, Mitchell Wilson
Fitzroy Stars: IN – David Boxer, Joshua Faasoo, Jamaica Ilsley, Djaran Murray-Jackson, Lionel Proctor, Taj Proctor; OUT – Cory Glass, Andrew Hood, Jaidyn King, Ken Priestley, Jaxon Proctor, Damien Walker

Selected teams: Lower Plenty vs Eltham
Lower Plenty: IN – Tom Keys, Joshua Turner; OUT – William Barden, Heath Howard
Eltham: IN – Mikael Avramov; OUT – Jye Lorey

Selected teams: St Mary’s vs Watsonia
St Mary’s: IN – Cooper Bruce, Connor Kissane; OUT – Daniel Castagnini, Zane Costello
Watsonia: IN – Daniel Gervasoni, Noah Phillips, Jacob Pickett, Luke Whyte; OUT – Cooper Burns, Jesse Presser, Ben Sutherland, Kyle Wheatley


Selected teams: Reservoir vs Laurimar
Reservoir: IN – Dylan Cornford, Nelson MacDonald, Dylan Moulton, Nicholas Repic; OUT – Ayman El-Ali, Aaron Jenner, Billy Tsolacos, Tom Zerella
Laurimar: IN – Blake Anderson, Jacob Bateman, Bradley Deed; OUT – Mitchell Thompson, Andrew Phillips, Wade Spooner

Selected teams: Old Eltham Collegians vs Heidelberg West
Old Eltham Collegians: IN – Joshua Hanley, Nick Snowden; OUT – Daniel Cartisano, Corey Ray
Heidelberg West: IN – Hayden Chapman, Lachlan Evans, Ryan Lee, Jack Marris, Liam Patterson, Daniel Walters, Allan Young; OUT – Jake Grimshaw, Ben Kennan, Brodie Muir, Ryan Offer, Ben Rawson

Selected teams: Kilmore vs South Morang
Kilmore: IN – Max Lacorcia, Kieran Moran; OUT – James Atkinson, Marcus Lacorcia
South Morang: IN – Kain Hall, Jake Potter, Nathan Stefanile; OUT – Michael Burns, Daniel Lansfield, Nicholas Poursanidis

Selected teams: Mernda vs Lalor
Mernda: IN – Riley Black, William Crouch, Dayne Kellett, Joshua Mazzarella; OUT – Christian Cawsey, Joshua Delaney, Christian Evans, Lachlan Taylor
Lalor: IN – Jason Cousins, Adrian Fusco, Mohammed Idris, Dylan Lovett, Scott Sandy; OUT – Joseph Bianco, Peter Tewhaiti


Selected Teams: Greensborough vs Montmorency 1
Sunday 3:00pm at Anthony Beale Reserve

Selected Teams: VU Western Spurs vs Diamond Creek Women’s 1
Sunday 3:00pm at Henry Turner Reserve

Selected Teams: Heidelberg 1 vs Darebin 1
Sunday 4:45pm at Warringal Park


Selected Teams: Banyule vs Whittlesea 
Saturday 4:45pm at Beverley Road Oval

Selected Teams: Eltham vs Darebin 2
Sunday 3:00pm at Eltham Central Park

Selected Teams: Diamond Creek Women’s 2 vs St Mary’s
Sunday 3:00pm at Plenty Park Oval

Selected Teams: Fitzroy Stars vs Montmorency 2
Sunday 3:00pm at Sir Douglas Nicholls Oval


Selected Teams: West Preston-Lakeside 2 vs Heidelberg 2
Sunday 3:00pm at J.E. Moore Park

Selected Teams: Wallan vs Mernda
Sunday 3:00pm at Wallan Recreational Reserve

Selected Teams: Laurimar vs Hurstbridge
Sunday 4:15pm at Laurimar Reserve

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